Hdd password frozen

Is there any type of software program to recuperate tough drive disk password? Is it possible to recollection the hard drive password? According to Dell, Asus, HP, Huawei, Samsung, Lenovo and also many type of other manufacturers’ webwebsite, if you foracquire your hard drive or tough disk password, then tright here is no feasible way for you to recollection your password or recover the information in the difficult disk drive. Basically the HDD or SSD hard disk is unusable.

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However before, this is frequently not true. Many civilization are not conscious that many difficult disk drives have the capability to set a hardware password, simply choose the Bios password for motherboards, therefore making the drive completely inobtainable unmuch less a correct password is provided in the time of the BIOS POST test. Usually these attributes have the right to only be uncovered in laptops, this is when you collection a password on your notebook, the difficult drive together with the motherboard becomes locked. All software tested and works on Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba and Western Digital Hard Drive HDD and SSD.

Most professionals would certainly say if you forobtain the original HDD or Bios password, tbelow is no means of restoring it by generic system devices. Unfavor the Bios password wright here tright here is a grasp key or through the removal of the bios battery, the password is erased from the flash memory therefore the settings is restored to manufacturing facility settings without the password, however, this does not uses to difficult disk.

↓ 01 – HDD Unlock Wizard | User-friendly Unlocker


HDD Unlock Wizard is a user-friendly application which allows you to easily rerelocate HDD password. IDE and SATA difficult disk drives are supported. Both User and Master password deserve to be removed. Please note that while unlocking, HDD Unlock Wizard will certainly erase and also re-certify the drive, interpretation to say all data in the disk is shed and also not recoverable. HDD Unlock Wizard incorporates proprietary unlocking algorithms which enable removing an unknown HDD password and also making difficult drive usable again.

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It may not be possible to recoup the difficult drive password or to unlock it; but, it is feasible to rerelocate the password along with the data, therefore making your hard disk accessible and usable aget.

↓ 02 – Victoria HDD | Crack HDD Password


This is a version of Victoria for Windows. Being an effective HDD indevelopment and diagnostic energy, it has the very same usability as its counterpart for DOS. But it also have actually some benefits, like: low CPU fill, even more convenient user interconfront, multitasking and also multithreading.

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↓ 03 – Ultimate Boot CD | Recollection Hard Disk Password


Do search through Bing for atapwd or “ata password” its component of the new ATA spec. You can enter a “understand password” that will certainly remove the “user password” that has be setup on the drive. This understand password is manufacturer particular. So search your difficult drive manufacturers website for Bing about for a list of understand passwords. Remember you CAN lock out your drive. This is bad. You have the right to constantly rerelocate the password without the grasp password however once you execute it using that strategy the drive will certainly be wiped. So the only method to deal with this is to find a grasp password or try and work-related out what user password was collection on the tough drive. To try out Master password for unlocking your HD you must have actually Ultimate boot CD and also can use “mhdd” utility consisted of in that CD , it is easy and also job-related well.

Downpack Ultimate Boot CDBurn it right into a Disc and boot it up. (Use ISO burner. If utilizing windows 7, ideal click the file and select “Burn Disc Image”)On main menu, pick “HDD” > “Diagnostic” > “MHDD v4.6”You will certainly check out a list of harddisk, choose a harddisk you desire to unlockType “unlock” and also reply “1” for grasp passwordGet in the understand password. (If it is wrong, ERR will certainly transforms red on the peak of the display, and also You have 4 even more tries before it powercycle the disk)If it is correct, form “DISPWD” and reply “1”. (Tbelow will certainly be a warning if your disk is still locked)Reform the master password aget and also your disk is unlocked! (ERR will certainly turn red if the password wrong)Type exit and also push “ctrl + alt+ del” to reboot your computer

You understand that moment as soon as you go to inspect settings in your BIOS just to realize someone has put on a password, so you uncover yourself locked out. I know the feeling, that’s why i have put together a tutorial to aid you to rerelocate the password in UNDER 10 minutes!

Next off open up a run window (Start Logo + R)Type “cmd” and also press enterNow form “cd c:cmospwd-5.0windows” (C is drive letter and windows is operating system) and press enterNext off kind “ioperm -i” and also press enterAfter that type “cmospwd_win /k” and also push enterThat will lug you to the screen that has actually the numbers “1” “2” and also “0”Type “2” and also push enter…BAM!!!!!!!!!!! PASSWORD REMOVED
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