Have to turn monitor on and off several times

this lcd monitor samsung syncunderstand 931sw (19 inches) present the image commonly (of salso or snowleopard) for 2 sec then transforms black , if you look at a certain angle you watch that the picture is still tbelow however as if tright here was no backlight anymore

is there somepoint i can execute to repair it?

Might desire to upday the "device" listing to the 931BW. I checked Google and Samsung and also it"s the closest to the 931sw you provided. It makes a difference when trying to research! :p

Also, how long have actually you had it? According to Samsung, it has a 3 year P/L warranty. Not sure what they need, however it might come in handy! Seems this version has most known worries via the inverter. Once I changed the sw to bw on my Google search, I got a TON of hits for it.

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if it reflects for a couple of seconds then it shuts down and also you have the right to still view the image? that implies the 12 volts going to the inverter board is not stable or the inverter board is faulty. from experience, I generally find a blvery own fuse on the inverter board. rearea that and it have to be fine.


You can want to tried testing the Caps of the power board, commonly they die after time, check out this short article for more info:


ppl me trouble is next : me PC monitor functions until i turn off me pc and also i go to sleep and also next day when i revolve on COMPUTER i go t photos on me monitor for 2sec and also disepire and also what i do?? in start of me trouble i discovered solution 5-6 click on power buton of monitor and i got images and monitor works totaly ok till next day and also brand-new turn on me PC can some1 tell me are is problems in capacitor or what? tyyyy

You addressed it for me!

I had actually this trouble now via SyncMaster 2494HS. Start and also shows image for 1 sec then goes babsence but not turned off.

Mashed the power button prefer 10 times and also then it"s on and also continues to be on!

Thanks from the future!





What you"re experiencing is a blvery own inverter. This is the part of the monitor that directly controls the backlighting. The fact that the light comes on at all reflects that the lights themselves work-related.

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Finding a details inverter can be a pain, but I"ve discovered that eBay* is your friend in these instances. I stick through "Buy it Now" and also "Top Sellers" with 94-98% approval and also at leastern 1500 transactions completed. Read the descriptions CAREFULLY and also know what you"re obtaining. Also be sure you recognize their rerotate or exreadjust plan...virtually all sellers I"ve checked out will not accept returns, yet many will certainly accept exchanges in instance of dead-on-arrival.

I address blvery own inverters on laptop computers all the time. Working on a G4 Titanium DVI (A1025) now through that specific trouble. Found the guide right here on jiyuushikan.org. I"d never before worked on a Mac lappeak prior to, so I wanted to be sure to carry out it right...I require not have actually feared, as it"s much easier than any type of various other lapoptimal inverter I"ve ever before replaced. (The same is NOT true for a lot of of them, apparently!)

I didn"t discover any type of manuals right here for replacing inverters on LCD monitors, yet I could do a couple if I gain a opportunity. While the functional part is the exact same, the make, version, and also procedure for doing it is a bit various for virtually eexceptionally monitor out there. Just Google (or Bing or Yahoo or *search engine here*) it and you"ll more than likely uncover one.


I seen eBay as soon as I found the correct version number (931BW). Tbelow are several listings for a replacement power board. This is wright here the inverter is situated on your monitor (as Shawn pointed out). The prices seem reasonable (the initially 2 listed were $23), so it shouldn"t be a difficulty to gain it reinserted, once you deserve to get it open.

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Unfortunately, I had actually less luck via the business hands-on. I found a couple that claimed to have actually it, but one wanted registration (didn"t really want to carry out that) and another wanted money, yet I didn"t see just how much. Wish I might assist even more on that part.


Since I composed this, Amazon (among other places) have actually began offering assets from third-party sellers/resellers and are fine options to eBay. However, the very same cautions use. Know that you"re buying from. Do your due diligence. I"m not here to promote any kind of one resource, I ssuggest provided my own suffer as a starting allude. Good luck!