“I’ll tell you specifically what it is,” shelp Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Lawrence Koplin, “He"s had his eyelids done (blepharoplasty), both uppers and lowers. I was not his surgeon, but I deserve to absolutely guarantee you that ‘the eyes are the prize" here.

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Former President Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night was absolutely memorable, yet so was his appearance.

Clinton, 69, looked leaner, younger and more refreshed than ever before, as if he had proficient aBenjamin Button moment—aging backward, albeit incredibly subtly.

While we don’t understand if, or to whom, Clinton transforms for any kind of feasible nips and tucks, we had some specialists weigh in on whether they think his improved look is the outcome of makeup, fillers, surgical procedure or every one of the over.

“It was pretty impressive,” said Dr. Joubin Gabbay, a plastic and also reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills that does not treat Clinton. “The one point about Bill Clinton’s history in the past 5 to ten years is what a downhill turn his confront has taken, mainly because of weight loss. And I think he has emerged the nose problem rhinophyma, in early phases, where the skin sags. Without a doubt, last night, all that readjusted.”

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What stood out to Gabbay was Clinton’s tighter, smoother facial skin and even more contoured jaw line, which the physician features to facial resurfacing and also a most likely confront lift and also neck lift.

“He could have had fat injected into his cheeks, to lug back volume, lost in time, and I think he had a sensible use of Botox,” saidGabbay. “I went back to photos from 2015 as a compariboy, and he had substantial crow’s feet that he no longer has actually. Horizontal, forehead lines are still there…That’s such a component of his organic expression, they most likely shelp, ‘We’re not going to touch that.’ But furrow lines were even more peaceful and less intense.

“He looked rejuvenated, not freakish, not like Kenny Rogers, that has actually end up being the traditional for bad plastic surgical procedure, yet choose a better version of himself,” saidGabbay.

New York City cosmetic dermatologist Howard Sobel, that compared Clinton’s existing look to 2013 images, agrees on the Botox front.

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“The lines on his forehead and also roughly the eyes are gone; he appears to have had Botox in his forehead, in the 11s, and also in the crow’s feet,” saidSobel, who does not treat Clinton. “The bags under his eyes are gone, so he probably had actually the fat pads removed. And the lines from his nose to his mouth are gone, as are the ‘marionette’ lines from the corners of the mouth to his chin. A filler such as Radiesse or Voluma in the cheek area would certainly correct this.”


“I’ll tell you specifically what it is,” sassist Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Lawrence Koplin, “He’s had his eyelids done (blepharoplasty), both uppers and also lowers. I was not his surgeon, however I deserve to absolutely guarantee you that ‘the eyes are the prize” right here. Extra fat and skin have actually been rerelocated from both top and lower eyelids. The lowers now actually look a little hollow to me, which indicates the method was most likely ‘fat removing’ fairly than the even more state-of-the-art method of relocating fat pads down to fill the hollows listed below them, which would certainly have addressed the hollowness as well as the puffiness.”

“It looks like he does have actually many makeup on, however his skin looks excellent as well,” Koplin ongoing. “ It’s also feasible he’s had something like an IPL (Intense Pulse Light therapy) photofacial.“

Unprefer Sobel and Gabbay, Koplin didn’t alert any kind of signs of filler or a face and also neck lift.


“I don’t check out fillers or organic fat transport, my specialty, going on,” saidKoplin. “The challenge looks naturally thin and moves as such. He has not had his face or neck done. I choose the means he looks. He’s additionally shed many weight and looks exceptionally fit a little bit frail to me.”