Hard drive plastic case

A basic label dust resistant and Anti-static plastic storage box provides your HDD more secure storage and deliver, cleaner and earlier,

It is dimension at 6.36*4.48*1.41 inch, was designed for all conventional 3.5 inch tough drives,5 shade set specially perfect for net workers, public company , shutterbugs, video devices etc.

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Easy buckle and also open up mechanism create a user-friendly endure and reinforced internal and also exterior design.


ORICO PHP style is made of high strength design plastic which renders it indestructible. EVA cushion provides high performance to customers, stylish and also portable , it is a ultimate bodyguard for your tough drive.


With noting label on the side of the box for convenient HDD library management, easy labeling architecture makes user to label their drives clearer and also less complicated. And then you deserve to manage it prefer a book and put in your table.



1. Material: ABS;

2. Size:6.37*4.56*1.47 inch (per 1 color)

3. Color: Gray

4. Compatibility:3.5 inch HDD

1.Built-in anti-static cushioning mat, making your HDD dust resistant and Anti-static.

2.The exterior & internal reinforcing rib giving extra layer of security.

3. Deauthorize Especially for HDD. Strong snap lock and reincompelled interior and exterior architecture , basic stacking via not sliding.

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4.Each Box within a large label for you to mark HDD status and also discover out conveniently.

5.The big capacity architecture , you carry out not have to issue around your HDD is as well many kind of.

Note: Item on sale is the security box only, HDD is not consisted of.

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#23 in SSD / HDD Accessories
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DetailsProtection Case Compatible Products Specifications
Single Drive
1 x 5 Bay HDD Protection Case, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Service Card
Ideal solution for 3.5 inch HDD security, basic buckle and also open up mechanism produce a user-friendly suffer and also reinrequired internal and also outside rib style, securely safeguard your 3.5 inch HDD.Built-in anti-vibration and also anti-static cushioning mat for maximum HDD protection, ideal solution for 3.5 inch tough drive protection. It's anti-drop /anti-shake /water resistant and also dust resistant.
GroupModel Option
More InformationDate First Available
May 27, 2019

Pros: They interlock so stacking them is fairly safe. Storing drives in these is better than leaving them bare and also exposed.

Cons: These situations execute not firmly organize the drives in place.The drives have actually around 1-2mm of room to slide around inside the situation. You can both hear and feel this happening as you pick up and move the situations.The imperiods are inexact and also misleading.The foam pincluding in the actual product is only about 2/3 as lengthy as displayed in the CGI rendered images. Perhaps if they were the dimension as advertised it could aid solve the loose fit worry, perhaps, maybe not, however in any type of instance falsely representing the product is clearly a poor point.

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Overall Review: I did my study on these prior to purchasing so I was mindful of the cheap hinge architecture and that's acceptable in my opinion. After all if a hinge breaks you can more than likely gain by addressing it through duct tape. If you have actually nopoint better to store your drives in, these are beneficial and also convenient. If you're searching for something that's high quality this likely isn't what you're after.I can look into including some added foam padding to fix the loose fit problem but I really wish these were just made much better to begin via. I'd prefer to add a photo of the foam pincluding not meeting the imperiods yet it doesn't look favor jiyuushikan.org permits imeras in reviews.

Dear Valuable Customer,Much appreciate for picking ORICO as your choice, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedearlier, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. To resolve your problem and serve you well, can you please tell me the problems by email? My email is jiyuushikan.org
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