My colleague is suggesting that you could say "a quarter of a pizza", whereas you"d just say "half of a pizza" rather than "a fifty percent of a pizza".

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So my question is:

Which is correct: "a fifty percent of an ", "half of an ", or both?Is tright here a difference in exactly how we treat the word "half" as opposed to "quarter" or various other fractions?If so, why?

Hopecompletely this isn"t a duplicate - there are some comparable inquiries on the site, but nothing that addresses the first "a" provided.

grammar phrasing fractions
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Both are correct, via "one half" probably preconquering in formal composing, and also "half" preconquering in speech and informal composing. Why this is correct is not exactly clear to me, except that informal speech regularly does not follow the very same "rules" as formal speech.

A sabbatical leave might be granted for the individual’s whole appointment period or for one-half this duration, the appointment duration being...The Service Scholars Program gives 24 students yearly through scholarship awards equal to one-half of the total yat an early stage cost of Fisher"s tuition, fees, and also ...

Training plans for running your first or fastest half marathon.With the indevelopment from this book, you have the right to learn to speak in half of the time it normally takes.

In speech, one often does not usage "one/a" prior to half:

I"ll be tbelow in half an hour.I don"t know fifty percent these human being.

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Typically a shortened create is used: fifty percent a pizza, fifty percent a loaf of bcheck out, fifty percent an hour. One may assume that the full formula was "a/the half of a pizza". Even "The clock struck the half-hour" is used.

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