It feels like I’ve dated half of the single male population over the years, and also I’m tired AF from trying to number out what’s wrong through them all. Many males these days have actually zero clue what they desire, yet they’re more than willing to string you alengthy while they attempt to zone in on it, and it usually leads to disappointment every time. It’s finish garbage and I’m over it. I’m done dating men who don’t recognize what they want.

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I’m done through wasting my time.

I have actually much better points to perform via my time than to spfinish it dating some male who doesn’t even understand wtf he’s doing or wbelow he desires points to go. And by better points, I mean most likely watching Netflix via my cat. Besides, a man who knows what he desires will day me even more thoughtfully and I’d fairly line my future through even more pleasant endeavors that could lead to forever than to include another loser to my long list of failures.

It’s not my project to teach someone the value of love.

It’s not up to me to display a man exactly how impressive I am in really hopes that I’ll readjust his mind about his commitment-phobia — screw that. What am I, a kindergarten teacher? If a male isn’t all set and also states it, I take it at confront worth and also relocate on. I recognize better currently. A male that knows what he wants currently knows just how awesome being in love is and doesn’t tiptoe roughly excprovides to prevent it prefer it’s a fatality sentence.

It’s an excuse to slack off.

It’s been my suffer that males who usage these crutch lines to prevent getting serious usually just say it because they’re lazy little bit jerks. They use it as a fallback factor to abresolve themselves from disappointing me and also I’m looking for a man who’s prepared the very same way I am to put in work-related to create something genuine. I have zero time for these other bozos anyeven more.

I refuse to be strung alengthy anymore.

I’m done through being led on and also strung alengthy to the suggest that I think something real is around to take place just to be totally disappointed, not to mentioned fooled right into wasting my energy. From currently on, I’m making my relationship intentions clear as day and if a man is scared off by my honesty or isn’t trying to find the very same points, I’ll raise my hand also and also wave him goodbye.

I’m looking for a real man that actually acts favor one.

I’m at a period currently wright here if men that I’m right into still don’t understand what they want out of life and love, they’re not mature enough for me to begin via. I’m searching for a real male who has actually a plan, not one who’s still trying to figure his crap out.

I won’t be held earlier anyeven more from what I’m looking for.

Dating guys who don’t recognize what they want only host me back from what I’m trying to find. What’s the point in spfinishing the time and the gamble on someone that deserve to easily scapegoat his way out of developing a connection because he said he wasn’t trying to find anypoint serious? Like I sassist, I know much better now and I accept these lines at face value- they’re always the truth.

The right male won’t feed me this BS.

The ideal guy for me isn’t going to dance around committing to a actual partnership because I’m not willing to accept much less than what I desire — it’s that basic. I’ll walk away from those men that are “simply going with the flow” and make room for those men that say that they’re honestly looking for someone special. Even if that someone doesn’t rotate out to be me, at leastern we’re both going right into points with the same intentions- and that’s even more essential.

I know what I want.

I know exactly what I’m in search of, so why would I waste my time with someone that doesn’t? If he hasn’t figured it out by now, it’s possible he never before will certainly. No say thanks to you — he have the right to take his problems in other places.

It’s time to grow up.

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I’m a grvery own womale in search of someone equally as grown to spfinish and also share my life with- I won’t have actually it any kind of various other method. I’m done via dating men who don’t know what they want, bereason I execute and also I’m not looking to go backwards in my journey.

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