Cegenuine Time via Gabe Fonseca: Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs and Ice Cream Cones Cereal

Do you require a smile or an ice cream cone to get you with today’s dreaded series of 24 grueling hours (a.k.a. Monday)? Well every one of my fellow huguy Garfields out tbelow require not despair, because thanks to the latest 2 videos in cereal MVP Gabe Fonseca’s YouTube series, you have the right to check out a whole bowl complete of ’em!

Cegenuine Time is a video clip series dedicated to highlighting a different timeless, new, or retro grain each week. For a collection that has given me numerous chuckles and also snickers, it seems proper that the initially video we’d prefer to share with you is all around Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs grain.

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Named after its four cartoon mascots that try to make Cecil the Robot laugh and also develop the grain itself, G&S&G&L grain is complete of sweetened, crunchy smiley face-shaped pieces. Believe it or not, this grain is just one of numerous creepy/happy face cereals; among its brethren are Kaboom, Morning Funnies, Cabbage Patch Kids, and the Canada-only version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal.

Jeez, in between these, Smiley Fries, and Giggles cookies, there have been enough face-shaped foodstuffs out tright here to feed Hannibal Lecter for breakquick, lunch, and also dinner.

After all those ampersands, it’s a relief that Gabe’s video covers an extra ssuggest named grain. Ice Cream Cones cereal’s name pretty much says it all: the original ’80s grain included cacao, Bugle-shaped cone pieces and corn puffs in either vanilla or cocoa chip flavor.

While I never obtained to endure this cereal, it sounds prefer Saturday morning bliss—specifically the sort of cereal that I would certainly chase down a truck playing catchy jingles for. Regardmuch less of the stranger hazard, Ice Cream Cones cereal would certainly be worth it. With the recent rerotate of Kellogg’s Smorz, Ice Cream Cones seems like the perfect grain for General Mills to fire ago with.

And speaking of revivals, Gabe mirrors in the video exactly how General Mills did briefly bring Ice Cream Cones ago in the at an early stage 2000s. This variation, sadly, reinserted the 3D Bugles with what look, essentially, prefer chocolate Doritos. So if GM ever brings ago Ice Cream Cones, let’s all hope (for the sake of Ice Cream Jones’ cheriburned mascot legacy) that the Bugles do, as well.

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Wow. I never assumed I’d comment on the idea of “cocoa Doritos” in a negative context. C’mon, Frito-Lay: make my inevitably gross dream a reality!

If Gabe’s videos have actually you grinning (and also smiling, giggling, and also laughing), eextremely Cereal Time video have the right to be found here, and you can check out Gabe’s Twitter, too.