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"Y"all Got Anyeven more of…" is an expression frequently used on conversation forums to research for extra indevelopment on a particular topic of interest, or more mainly, to suggest one"s intense craving for somepoint. Originally quoted by the drug-fifinishing character Tyrone Biggums in Chappelle"s Show, the phrase is frequently iterated as a reaction image based upon a still swarm of Dave Chappelle"s character and the phrasal template "Y"all any type of even more of them / X?”


As early on as June 2010,<5> picture macros featuring the character Tyrone Biggums in front of a green and also white color wheel background were submitted to Meme Generator<6> under the title "Crackhead."



The meme had its initially break-out in December 2013, as soon as Redditor abdullah10 submitted a photo macro joking around asking for WiFi passwords to the /r/AdviceAnimals<1> subreddit, wright here it gained over 1,400 up votes in 3 months (shown listed below, left). On January 4th, 2014, Redditor Baddabink posted a Tyrone Biggums image macro to /r/AdviceAnimals<7> mocking the exercise of constantly refreshing Reddit while it is dvery own (displayed below, right). In 2 months, the write-up built up even more than 13,000 up votes and also 90 comments.

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On February 28th, Redditor jlmawp submitted a Dave Chappelle Crackhead picture macro complaining about cold weather in Chicback, Illinois to /r/AdviceAnimals<2> (presented below, left). On March fourth, Redditor mathemagician117 posted a low-resolution picture macro via the subtitle "Y"all obtained any kind of more of them / pixels" to /r/AdviceAnimals<4> (displayed below, right). In the initially month, the posts garnered upwards of 33,600 and 11,900 up votes respectively. On March 7th, Redditor mathemagician117"s photo macro was reposted on 9gag.<11>


On March 18th, Redditor Masshole224 submitted a photo macro criticizing conspiracy theories regarding the lacking Malaysian Airlines flight to /r/AdviceAnimals,<12> gathering over 11,200 up votes and also 190 comments in 2 weeks (shown below, left). On April 1st, Redditor aakme posted a picture macro joking about asking his female roommates to collection him up with their friends to /r/AdviceAnimals<13> (presented listed below, right). In much less than 24 hrs, the post gathered upwards of 16,200 up votes and also 400 comments.


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Corporate Art Style


Notable Examples

As of April 2014, 2 additional peras have been produced on Meme Generator<9><10> and a design template titled "Dave Chappelle – Y"all Got Any More" was launched on the image-captioning website Livememe.<8>

Search Interest

External References

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