In last nights episode, before the ToJ battle, Arthur Dayne says "I wish you good fortune in the wars to come". Back in S5E1, Mance Rayder says the exact same words to Stannis before he dies. I know this is a very minor thing and probably has no meaning but I just found it interesting and it stood out for me. Thoughts?


I think Dayne knew he wasn't going to survive in the "new world" one way or another, I mean really what would he have to live for? The old crown he served is gone and the prince died at the Trident, all he had left was the final order of Rhaegar which was "Defend Lyanna with your life"

I still don't understand why he would fight Ned about this though... Ned wasn't going to kill his sister obviously, and if Rhaegar's last order was to defend her, why wouldn't Ned just permit him to be her bodyguard? He could have fufilled that order way better.

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"And now it begins." "No, now it ends."

Rhaegar lived most of his life according to a prophecy and we're going to find out why. The wars to come, that's what the prophecy concerns. The prince that was promised, Azor Ahai, that's the beginning Sir Arthur Dayne speaks of. We all know what's in that tower. And Rhaegar knew long before Mance that the war for the Dawn was coming, and that a rightful champion would need to win it for the living. That's my take on it.

I always viewed it as a simpler alternative.

Arthur Dayne was a spectacularly skilled knight and saw each fight individually, while Ned was now a lord and an honorable man, at least he would become one, and instead saw the entire war (and its horrors and personal costs, losing his father, brother, and eventually sister).

To Dayne, the fight was just beginning, to Ned it was finally ending.

It's a really simple but beautiful quote from GRRM and I'm glad they decided to rip it verbatim.

Also Ser Allister told Jon something similar, "You'll be fighting these battles forever" or something along those lines

"You'll be fighting THEIR battles forever." which speaks gravity after the hanging he walks away saying "My watch has ended." He is done with the Nights Watch.

could be a (newly minted) traditional phrase among warriors - Dayne is certainly a prototypical one.

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This stood out to me too. It's similar to the "Keep your shield up or I'll ring your head like a bell" line we saw from Ned and Benjen / Jon and Olly. But in this case, what is the connection between Arthur Dayne and Mance Rayder?

Sir Arthur Dayne was a close friend to Prince Rhaegar. So maybe this is a tip-of-the-hat to a book theory that Mance Rayder is Prince Rhaegar.

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