In the song, "Tuesday," by Drake and also ILOVEMAKONNEN, there is recurring lyric: "Got your girl in the reduced and also she choosey." What is the definition of this line? Specifically, what does it suppose to have actually a girl in the cut, and also what is the implication of her being choosey?

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"In the cut" implies something that"s trick or hidden. "Choosey" implies someone that is specific about what they choose. In this instance, the singer is secretly flirting via someone else"s girl at a club, even though she"s so certain that she wouldn"t generally look at other guys.

This interpretation has actually actually been confirmed by the songwriter:

“In the cut” is once someone’s in the club—through who they came via, but at the very same time sneaky, looking at you. Not all out in the open. In the reduced.


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