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0.2 Compliance1 2 Note: For clients that are already BitLocker’d, once they are joined to AADVERTISEMENT they need to upload their recovery key to their particular object within the magazine.

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Lucky for Microsoft customers, we have actually a technology we administer that can proccasion unwelcome tourists from playing with your data when you aren’t using it (at rest). Enabling and utilizing More...
" target="_blank" >BitLocker to encrypt data at rest on a single device is basic and also straight forward. Managing BitLocker on 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or even more is a difficulty and yes tbelow is Microsoft’s BitLocker Administration and also Monitoring (MBAM) yet that is in extfinished assistance. So, what is an enterpincrease administrator to do?

Microsoft doesn’t desire to check out our customer’s administrators frantic through fear of not being able to protect their data at remainder. We say, “Look to the Cloud Computing evolved from existing modern technologies such as a fast and also trustworthy Internet, online operating atmospheres consisting of digital machines and also online storage and also is provided...
" target="_blank" >Cloud” for support.

Microsoft offers Windows 10 BitLocker management from both Azure (by means of Intune) and also SCCM through amplified functions meant to be released in the second half of 2019. Management of Enterpclimb BitLocker monitoring consists of assessing readiness, vital management & recoincredibly, and compliance reporting.

To control BitLocker from Azure you will certainly need to log into the Azure portal.https://portal.azure.com and also pick the Intune Blade -or-https://portal.azure.com/#blade/Microsoft_Intune_DeviceSettings/ExtensionLandingBlade/overview

Once you have actually got accessibility to the Intune blade you have the right to start the configuration setup for your enterprise. Tbelow are two separate items that will should be modified, Device Configuration and also Device Compliance.



Once the process has begun to roll out BitLocker to the enterpincrease, a evaluation of the current condition of tools will certainly be compelled. Unfortunately, the review of compliance will loss under ALL Intune managed tools not just BitLocker’d tools. Reviewing the screenshots listed below, it deserve to be watched that the “Compliant” and also “Non-Compliant” machines have the right to be selected to lug up the complete list for that category.

Note: that it only brings back the first 100.

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Encryption Monitoring

To much better understand which gadgets have been appropriately secured via BitLocker, it is recommfinish to evaluation the “Encryption Report”.

To evaluation the report, browse too “Device Configuration” à “Encryption report” (under the “Monitor” header). To find which gadgets are currently encrypted, look at the “Encryption status” column.



BitLocker secrets have the right to be managed by the user and also available via a self-service portal:https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=857635

If a user logs in tbelow, they must have the ability to check out their corpoprice device(s) and also they can then pick the device they should recoup their key(s) as viewed in the 2 display screen shots below.



Administrators deserve to see the secrets within the “Devices” blade of Azure ADVERTISEMENT from the Azure ADVERTISEMENT portal.“Azure Active Directory” –> “Devices”


From the “Devices” blade, pick the gadget to recover the BitLocker crucial from and also then select which essential is required. In the instance below both the os and the information drive have been encrypted.

Selecting copy from the selected Key, will certainly area the Id and also Recovery Key to the clipboard.



Client Side

Ensuring that the client has actually pulled down the Profile and Policy, a user have the right to review what has been applied versus it.

From the start food selection, choose “Settings”


Within the “Settings” menu choose “Accounts”


Select “Access work-related or School” and then click on “Connected to…,” which should reveal both an “Info” and also “Disconnect” button


Click on the “Info” buttonThe info button will certainly bring up a new web page which comprehensive “Policies” used, “Connection info” and “Device sync status”To start an prompt sync from the tool to Intune, click on the “Sync” button


Note: For clients that are already BitLocker’d, as soon as they are joined to AADVERTISEMENT they need to upload their recoincredibly essential to their respective object within the catalog.



For finish details check out Troubleshoot BitLocker plans in Microsoft Intune

Rewatch the devices BitLocker condition from within Control Panel. It may be functioning on encrypting the gadget, however it hasn’t completed the task yet.

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From an administrative command prompt –> manage-bde -status


The diagnostics report have the right to be reviewed:

On the client run a Sync (As watched previously in this document)


Click on “Create report,” when the sync has actually completed


Recheck out the Diagnostic .html report

Event Logs

Event Viewer –> Applications and Services Logs –> Microsoft –> Windows –> BitLocker Computer units to interface to may be API internet servicesaccessed across the Internet for systemssuch asTwitterand also YouTube, or may be software program devices running...