The Utah Department of Transportation is hoping a bit of humour will certainly convince motorists to be safe on the roads. Twitter:

Distracted driving deserve to be deadly, that has been establimelted. But still, acquiring chauffeurs to pay attention to the road and also not their phones can be an obstacle.

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The Utah Department of Transportation’s latest message to chauffeurs, shown on roadside billboards — “Get your head out of your apps” — has been acquiring civilization talking.

There's a time & area for making use of your phone. In car while driving is not among them #MessageMonday #ZeroFatalities

— Utah DOT (
It’s the latest message in a collection that kicked off Memorial Day weekfinish to get people to put dvery own their phones while driving. Past posts review “That seatbelt looks great on you”, and “Turn signals, the original instant message”.

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“We take a lighthearted strategy, however make no mistake, this is a serious issue,” department spokesmale John Gleason told NBC News.

“People are dying on our roads, and we want to perform something to acquire people’s attention.”

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A handful of civilization have actually expressed distaste with the latest message; a take on a common, less polished saying. But the department’s only concern is maintaining roadways safe.

“If you’re trying to make an impact, tright here may be a few world that don’t agree,” said Gleason. “We’re OK with that because the all at once goal here is to acquire human being talking.”

Distracted driving is a problem that has grown through the introduction of the omnicurrent smartphone, and lawmachines in Canada have functioned to tackle the deadly issue. Distracted driving has surpassed impaired driving as the No. 1 cause of road fatalities in Ontario;, and in BC it is the second-leading cause of auto crash deaths in the province.

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While drivers challenge harsh penalties in many components of Canada for distracted driving behaviours such as using their phones, poll outcomes released in June uncovered that seven in 10 Canadian vehicle drivers admit to driving distracted.