Gateway laptop keyboard not working

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I have actually not provided my lappeak in around a year. I bought it in 2011 and the last time I supplied it, it operated fine. My key-board is not functioning at all--no letters or numbers. I did a troubleshoot and also it claims I require a brand-new driver. Thats all well and great I would certainly love to downfill a brand-new driver yet I have moved and because my key-board is not functioning I have the right to not type in the my security code for the internet to download the driver. Is tbelow somewbelow I deserve to copy the diver to disc and also install manually. Thanks!
Wbelow is the tool manager and also have the right to I obtain to it without typing anypoint given that the key-board does not work.
Thank you. It didn"t readjust anything the 1st time I did it and it actually claims the keyboard is working properly--still not letters or numbers.


Not certain what you mean. Nopoint on the key-board functions at all, not also the F keys. The entire keyboard is dvery own. It is installing windows updates ideal currently.
ok attempt this rebegin lapheight as it starts back up begin tapping F8 and see if you acquire a list of alternatives. if you execute attempt arrowing dvery own and also pick safemode.
Nope. the F secrets perform not job-related and neither execute the arrowhead keys. Its kind of prefer the whole key-board is locked or something? Stselection.

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attempt this shut down laptop remove power cord and also battery then host dvery own power button for 30 secs then plug earlier in and also attempt again
Yeah, that functioned and I have downloaded more than likely even more vehicle drivers than I need and the keyboard still does not job-related.
Replacing the keyboard on this Lapheight is not for the faint hearted as presented on this website > How to Replace Gateway NV52L NV55S NV56R NV57H NV75S NV77H key-board - laptoppartstoreIt basically needs dismantling the entirety casing just to accessibility the key-board.If you do not feel comfortable complying with this overview I imply asking a friend or going to a neighborhood repairer.OrContinue using the USB key-board.

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Replacing the keyboard on this Laptop is not for the faint hearted as presented on this site > How to Rearea Gateway NV52L NV55S NV56R NV57H NV75S NV77H keyboard - laptoppartstoreIt basically requires dismantling the totality casing simply to accessibility the keyboard.If you don"t feel comfortable complying with this guide I suggest asking a frifinish or going to a local repairer.OrContinue making use of the USB key-board.
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