Gateway hdmi computer

I very own two Gatemethod Deskpeak Computers that both were designed for Windows 8. Both include HDMI and operated perfectly till I upgraded to Windows 8.1. I hoped the Windows 10 upgrade would solve the trouble however it didn"t. I set up a new video card consisting of HDMI and also that as well did not occupational.

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Is going to come up via a settle or will Gatemeans produce a driver that will certainly fix the HDMI?

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In what way does HDMI not work?

Do the HDMI devices show up right here (under the Playback tab)?:

Right-click the speaker symbol in the Notification location of theTaskbar >Playearlier devices

Same trouble for me on a gatemethod lappeak. upgraded last night and usually stream this pc at all times through hdmi to my tv, never before a problem.

The video is functioning excellent however no issue what i perform, i can"t discover the tv volume in the audio settings AT ALL and the tv is no longer provided as it was prior to the upgrade in the monitor gadget manager point. its simply listed as a generic monitor? it used to say Magnavox EVsomething or other. lol sorry, not techy, yet brave enough to have blindly learned quite well how to navigate and troubleshoot in home windows... yet the terminology generally confsupplies me. I"m a hands on learner as opposed to a book reading learner for techy stuff... So, my apologies if i sound more ignorant than i maybe am in truth.

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I"ve best clicked on the volume, no EVsomething or various other like tbelow was yesterday, just "speakers" which is the laptop- no other audio alternative is also easily accessible. i disabled the laptop audio, and also had actually silence. ran the trouble shooter which turned it earlier on for me. so obtained no wright here.

Also i entered the control panel sound settings and still just one audio alternative there, realtek, aobtain my laptop speakers. microphone appears to be a ok there too. clicked everything in the gadget manager that was even remotely audio or video associated and updated eextremely driver. so that"s good. but, nothing miraculously showed up regarding the magnavox audio.

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So as it stands the just audio i have at all provided in eextremely setting i understand of to change audio settings (i am pretty certain i understand them all) is via my lapoptimal which is around as loud as ladybugs whispering. At one point it just sassist that my HDMI wasn"t linked and to please reconnect, but the video was running typically, so it WAS plugged in. But i complied, powered down, dislinked the cablle and also restarted it unplugged, nothing. then shut dvery own and restarted it plugged into the tv. nopoint. i unmounted all the motorists, reasoning that once i rebegan then it would magically suck the right driver info in and also we"d be besties again, however that aobtain, only audio option is the Realtek laptop audio. it simply went poof!

BTW, i swapped my hdmi via another cable and also same problem, my bf"s pc works typically when linked by means of hdmi (he"s still running 8.1). i did reboot after eincredibly steip. i tfinish to talk too much, and also he"s white knuckling it below with me yapping on about this for the last ten hrs. It simply gone like that tv never before had audio ever. but i swear it did!

So i have an upgraded pc YEAH, through a freakishly silent tv BOO! noted as a generic monitor (WTH?) via ladybug whispers (PSST), coming from the pc a pair of feet to its best... however the only troubleshooting info i can gain is that the silence is caused by the unplugged hdmi that is playing perfectly clear video, i"m thinking i have actually it plugged in well enough... lol that that HDMI should make it talk as well.