Garmin’s nuvi 67LM is component of their budget variety of sat nav gadgets. It’s joined by the 57LM, 58LM and also the 68LM in the enattempt level line up. It therefore, competes with the likes of the TomTom GO 50 for you attention (and also your money of course!). This gadget comes through a 6inch display and also the letters (LM) tell us that it comes through Lifetime Maps. In reviewing the Garmin nuvi 67LM, I’ll be informing you what I chosen and what I didn’t prefer around the gadget. Then we have the right to decide if it’s excellent value or not?

Garmin Nuvi 67 LM

Product Features

Just like all my other reviews let’s jump right in and also see precisely what the Garmin nuvi 67LM supplies us…

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Value for moneyGood bideal 6inch screenDual orientationTrip plannerSuperior POIsGood mounting system

Battery lifeNo Voice RecognitionNo web traffic updatesLack of Bluetooth integrationNo 3D mapsNo pedestrian course option

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The design of the unit is comparable to the various other Garmin gadgets on sell. The gadget is simply a slim and rectangular box that looks well stuck onto the winddisplay. What else would certainly I want? There’s really not a lot else I deserve to add that hasn’t been discussed in previous Garmin nuvi reviews – check out nuvi 2599 for better details. In brief though, it’s a slickly designed tool and it gets the thumbs up from me!


The 67LM choose the (68LM) comes with a big 6inch screen. The display screen is bbest, clear and also easy to check out whilst driving. The boost in the number of pixels to 800 x 480 offers a better-looking screen than previous models in the Essential Series. Like your tv collection at residence – the greater the number of pixels the greater the clarity of the imeras on the display.



Lane Assist in action

The Garmin nuvi 67LM also comes through Lane Assist via Junction see. With this feature, the display screen will certainly break-up into two offering additionally assistance once approaching a junction. You will obtain both the usual navigational screen in addition to what’s best described as a computerized photo of the road layout ahead. This is a really good feature and it worked well for me when I joining or leaving significant roadways. It ensured that I was in the appropriate lane at the best time – which is precisely what it must do!

Mounting System

The Garmin nuvi 67LM uses an easy suction capproximately mount it onto the dashboard or winddisplay. The device then ssuggest clicks right into place onto the holder. I’ve had no concerns through the mounting system once it’s solved onto the glass of the windscreen. It did however have a tendency to loss off when placed onto the dash, especially when I took a roundaround or a sharp rotate (honestly, I don’t take those corners as well hard!). So, to proccasion rooting roughly on the passenger side of the automobile in search of a fallen sat nav, just stick the point onto the glass!

Garmin advertises this unit as being compatible via the Back Up/Reversing Camera BC-30. This is a fully sepaprice option that permits you to view what’s behind you as you reverse. A valuable function if you battle through backing up, yet entirely unnecessary if you have actually a integrated camera device currently. Garmin recommends that you obtain the cam installed by a experienced as it requires a long-term power connection. This will however expect spending more money – which to be perfectly hoswarm is why I haven’t purchased one