Game screen freezes but game continues

Hello, wondering if someone discovered a solution - I have a difficulty that the game screen constantly freezes, both in geoscape and also battle see, it is random, it can happen in the first few minutes of play or an hour later, but it always does. Looks like a graphics issue, as the sound is still on, and also the tasks in the background are still running, for instance if I watch the switch for fire, deserve to click and also and also deserve to hear the firing. The only method to settle it is a rebegin of the game. I tried multiple things - logged as admin, shut down epic save, before beginning the game, my vehicle drivers are up-to-day (Nvidia - GTX1060), I have decent specs (16GB RAM + i5 Intel processor). Tried also re-installing both the game and the epic stores client. Running it on Windows 10 OS.

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Hopefully someone deserve to help, as the game is awesome!

Lower game settings to High, because at Ultra it have the right to obtain stuck for me also (I too have i5 + 1060). Probably GPU or CPU (or they both) have actually some trouble via parts of the information and engine can’t manage some exceptions thrown at him. With setting at High I have never knowledgeable freeze or hang.

I hope that Snapshot will decide to select different engine for sequel/prequel.

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Thx for the hint, I did lower them to tool even, but still freezing, will certainly view if low does the trick…

Interesting. And how massive web page file carry out you have? Maybe boost its size?

Do you have actually overclocked some of the COMPUTER components? Try to collection reference worths not retail ones.

Yep, still freezes, nothing else is on as far as applications go, no overclocking done from me, which web page file, not certain I understand your point?

in Windows you can set size of “web page file” manually or you have the right to leave it for mechanism to connumber. System can occasionally screw it through automatic value, so it is much better to set it manually. For instance to 16 GB. You will certainly should inspect some hand-operated on youtube exactly how to execute that.

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You deserve to likewise examine this thread and install redistributables:

Babsence Display and cursor on startup Bug Reporting
Black display on launch through the cursor is quite frequently fixed by updating Microsoft redistributable. Try to update it:​ You can additionally try running the game without Epic Launcher right from your hard drive (D: Program FilesEpic GamesPhoenix Point PhoenixPointwin64.exe)

Thx, adjusted the web page file to 16GB, will certainly watch if this and also the Microsoft redistributable are making a change.

Just to update, set up the redistributible, and raised the page file, brought back the settings to medium, still freezes, so I guess something else, oh well, will certainly hope for someone from the dev team to alert this…hopefully they will make a fix. Thx for all your advice Yokes!