If you’ve sufficiently reextended from that intense episode of Video Game of Thrones, dive into our recap to watch what we assumed of “Hardhome.”

Spoiler Note: This write-up is for those who have read the A Track of Ice and Fire series. The post and the comments area will certainly contain spoilers! If you haven’t read the publications yet, please examine out our non-book-reader recap. Thanks!

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After being presented to Daenerys as a “gift” at the fighting pits in the last episode, Tyrion is lugged earlier to Dany’s pyramid together with Jorah for the the majority of awkward-silence-filled percentage yet of their road present.

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You need to admire Tyrion’s chutzpah. As much as he’s involved, he’s not giving his services to Daenerys- she’s auditioning for him. He manages to talk her right into not killing him for the moment by marveling over her progress in the last few years, and advises her not to kill human being who are as devoted to her as Jorah has been. With that sassist, he then tells her she can’t have actually Jorah by her side. She sends the lovelorn Jorah ameans aget. (He can’t catch a break this month, bad guy.)

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In King’s Landing, Septa Unella pops into Cersei’s cell for a tiny tormenting- she needs she confess, and also of course Cersei remains obstinate. The septa is unrelocated by Cersei’s repeated dangers.

In Braavos, Arya’s lies have enhanced. She tells Jaqen of how she is becoming Lana, an orphan that sells seafood. In Ragman’s Harbor, she sees many things, including a thin guy that sells ship insurance. As Jaqen points out, the thin guy is not hoswarm about paying out human being who are owed, and “Lana” will certainly be returning to the docks through a “gift” for the thin guy.

After Arya leaves, the Waif tells Jaqen she doesn’t think Arya’s all set, however Jaqen shrugs her off, saying it’s “all the exact same to the Many-Faced God.” That’s the Facemuch less means of saying, “Oh god, no one cares. Go away.”

Back in King’s Landing, Qyburn visits Cersei in her cell to update her on pressing matters. Tomguys is bacount eating or leaving his rooms, and Kevan Lannister has been made Hand of the King. Cersei will be tried for incest and murdering King Robert. She refuses to also think about confessing to the High Sparrow to acquire out of the trial. He reassures her likewise that “the work” is continuing. (Damn, Cersei- you know things are poor as soon as your best friend is that creepy mad scientist who plays via dead bodies.)

At Winterdropped, Sansa requirements to understand why Theon- no, Reek- told Ramsay about her asking for assist. She presses him better around her brothers, and ultimately he breaks and admits, it wasn’t Bran and also Rickon he killed- it was two other boys he shed bereason he couldn’t discover her brothers.

After all these years- her bit brothers are alive.

At the same time, the Boltons prepare for Stannis’s assault. Roose is confident they can withstand also a siege yet Ramsay desires to take the fight to Stannis in order to make a statement. He asks for the males to make that take place. (Bonus: Feast for Crows reference!)

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Dany kind of and also Tyrion meet- she desires to talk about why he killed Tywin, however Tyrion isn’t drunk sufficient yet for that.

She might say she hasn’t welcomed him yet as an adviser however she plainly has. With Jorah gone and also Barristan dead, she’s in need of more councilors. After sparring a little, Dany kind of admits the obvious, that she’s not going to kill him, and also that she wants him to assist her gain what she wants-the throne, of course.

Tyrion argues she continue to be in Meereen, yet Daenerys wants to go residence. (And to break the metaphorical wheel. Of course I’m not certain how she deserve to attain that, yet alideal.)

Jorah philosophies the fighting-slave-owning Yezzan and also asks him to take him back so that Jorah deserve to fight in the excellent pit of Daznak in front of Daenerys. Yezzan agrees, given that Jorah can make him money.


The septa returns to Cersei’s cell. Cersei tries bribery via a place at court for around ten secs prior to she retransforms to hissed hazards. The septa pours the drinking water out, and Cersei is left trying to drink drops of water from the floor while she cries.

Up at Castle Babsence, Gilly tends to Sam’s bruised confront prior to their gentle moment is interrupted by Olly bringing in food. Olly has actually Jon’s expedition on his mind, since he’s hung up on his hatred of wildlings (really belaboring this allude through his sidelong glance at Gilly as she left, aren’t we?). Sam reassures the boy that Jon has actually made the ideal alternative in making the journey and allying via the wildlings also if it appears like a negative principle.

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Jon, Tormund and also his crew arrive at Hardhouse to a less-than-friendly welcome from the wildlings there. Tormund desires to contact a meeting with the elders however Rattleshirt inquiries the alliance aggressively. Tormund settles this by beating him to death. (Dead in the publications, dead on the present. I prefer the balance.)

The elders controversy the wisdom of trusting the crows, with the Thenns predictably versus it, but Karsi, the female wildling chieftain, is even more in favor of trusting Tormund’s judgment. Wun Wun of the giants appears to trust Tormund too. Jon also admits to killing Mance but Tormund vouches that it was a mercy killing, and for his abilities in basic. Basically all gingers love Jon Scurrently, it is well-known.

The people of Hardhome pack up on the boats, though not all of them. Karsi sends her youngsters off a boat and also remains to help others. Some will certainly continue to be behind, a lot to Jon’s chagrin. As they’re acquiring ready, the weather alters, the winds blow and also there’s a noise, a rumble…

There’s something exterior the entrances of Hardhome- the Thenn leader Loboda screams for the gateways to be shut, even though there’s dozens of wildlings still out tbelow. The doors slam shut, via human being screaming to be let in. There’s starray figures in the distance approaching…

The cold winds rise and the screams external the entrances die quickly. Inside the gates, everyone stands at the ready, including Jon, Tormund and the wildling leaders. Loboda peeks through a crack in the gateways and also of course we obtain a great horror-movie streatment of a blue-eyed wight attacking appropriate at us!

Then the fighting starts, and also I can’t put it delicately. It kicks an massive amount of scary, icy ass, via the wights bashing through the fence to get with to the staying wildlings on the shore.

The living fighters take out bunches of wights and then Jon catches sight of White Walkers on peak of the cliffs- and then he remembers the dragonglass that Sam offered him take on the pilgrimage. He runs for the hut wbelow it was last watched, the one the huge is tearing up and it’s on fire presently so that need to be no trouble, right?


Jon and Loboda run to the hut- and appropriate into a White Walker. Jon goes for the dragonglass while the Thenn leader takes on the White Walker with predictably fatal outcomes. The White Walker turns his attention to Jon then, tossing him roughly easily and points aren’t looking so great for Our Hero.

Jon crawls with the snow, controlling to grab hold of his Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw- and via it, is able to defend himself from the White Walker’s sword that seems to ruin everything else. Longcregulation blocks the icy sword, and also Jon slices via the White Walker, shattering him completely.

Far over, the White Walker king watches this new advancement with- I desire to say interemainder, however it’s not simple to translate the facial expressions of ice zombies.

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The hand-to-hand fighting continues with Tormund holding his own. Karsi is killing many of the undead army but as soon as faced through a load of child wights, she freezes. The little wights swarm and also kill her.

Edd finds Jon on his knees, and tells him it’s time to leave. Up above, the wights are jumping off the cliff for one more strike and also the fences are collapsing entirely. Finally, the last survivors retreat with Jon, Tormund, and also Edd running towards the boats, and Wun Wun bringing up the rear. Safely on the water, they look back and also check out the White Walkers and also wights on the shore slaughtering the wildlings.

The White Walker king stands on the end of the dock, dealing with Jon Scurrently. He lifts his hands.

All the fresh dead on the ground climb, their eyes bideal blue.

Jon sees, and also then turns ameans as they sail and also leave Hardhouse behind.


Sansa knows!: It feels choose pieces of a puzzle coming together, her learning Bran and also Rickon are alive. One action closer to a Stark reunion?

Arya in Braavos, Phase II: I’m enjoying her scenes a lot, and really looking forward to following week once she finishes the job.

The laugh prior to the storm: Edd and Wun Wun’s minute with the giant’s translated ‘the fuck you looking at?’ had me laughing so difficult. It’s nice to have actually a giggle before the carnage.

Karsi, we hardly knew ya: Birgitte Hjort Sorenson’s character put a face on the wildling world of Hardresidence. I favored her, and was sad to watch her die.

The king is a character – The White Walkers tend to be ambiguous but I loved exactly how much we saw going on with the White Walkers tonight, particularly via their king and just how you might see some personality. It’s more amazing than mindmuch less malevolence.

Dany’s Adviser: Dinklage brings out the finest in Emilia Clarke, and I currently love exactly how Tyrion is stating tough realities together with smart advice, exactly what Dany type of requirements in her camp of advisers.

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Hardhome VFX, stunts, you name itVideo Game of Thrones went all out and it shows. Holy shit.