Galaxy tab s stuck on samsung logo

When I rotate on my Galaxy tab 2 10.1 it boots to the logo design then goes to the "SAMSUNG" screen, then it remains tbelow. I"ve tried to execute a hard reset by holding down the power button and the volume up switch and also have done both reboot and also wipe data and also still gets hung on the "SAMSUNG" logo. What else can I do to settle this?

I have the Galaxy Keep in mind 10.1 Tablet and also I found it stuck on the Samsung logo. I can not boot to recovery bereason it just cycles ago to the logo design. I have the right to boot to odin mode yet even with odin I can not gain connected. It says Downloading and my computer system sees the USB link however I am entirely unable to gain it to recuperate or even move files. It"s stock/not rooted so I do not know how it suddenly bricked itself. It was doing fine running the exact same clock app that"s been on it for 2 years currently. I do not believe Samsung has actually puburned any type of updays recently.

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Anyone have an principle or need to I toss it?

Mine is likewise stuck on the logo design. It will not soft or hard reboot. What do I do?

My tablet is a Galaxy Tab A and also it wont stop flashing, i was reading on it and also it froze up so i restarted it and also its been on the logo ever before scince pls help me

SUCCESS, NO LONGER STICKS AT BOOTUP! My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Version 2014 was rooted. It had actually been operating just fine for about 2 years till June 2017. Then it would boot to the T-Mobile display and stick tbelow. I gone into the recollection mode (concurrently hold down Power button and Volume button). I tried Factory Recollection many type of times however to no avail. I began trying to find a brand-new tablet, however then tried one more point. Using Samsung Kies 3 on my COMPUTER, I upgraded my tablet Operating System from Android Version 4.4.2 to 5.1.1. SInce then it is functioning much better than ever.

Re: SUCCESS, NO LONGER STICKS AT BOOTUP! I have been making use of Lollipop 5.1.1 for about a week. It is absoulutely junk.! I will be rolling back to Kit Kat 4.4.2. Things I noted: I pair English and Spanish versions of books I study. In KitKat 4.4.2 I might leave that pair open, go to a different app and return to the open up pair. In Lollipop, you leave/return closes fifty percent of the pair. In KItKat 4.4.2 as soon as I wanted to "CREATE" a Spanish/English pair in 2 home windows, I can name the pair. Can"t name pairs in Lollipop. - worthless. There are 5 pairs I usage consistently and can"t identify which is which in Lollipop.

In KitKat I conserved a folder of digital newsdocuments to read. Can"t assemble them smoothly in to a Lollipop folder. SEARCH FUNCTION: Could go straight to Google Search in KitKat . The search home window in Lollipop is the same as the URL window - very confusing. A THUMBS DOWN! for Lollipop!

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Before reading below tbelow is a common issue with these tablets wright here they carry out not revolve on appropriately or acquire stuck on the charging battery icon. Try holding power + volume down for 10-15 secs and also attempt to turn it on and or charge it aobtain.

Try leaving it on charge for fifty percent an hour if that does not work you may need to execute a manufacturing facility reset or refill the software program on the tablet in order to acquire it working again.

Generally once the Tablet is stuck on the animated Samsung Logo you might should execute either a factory reset or reflashing firmware on tablet (exact same android variation or newer).

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If you should save the user information (photos and etc) attempt flashing latest android system firmware initially by complying with instructions provided in connect below:

If firmware flash does not aid then a factory recollection need to be done to obtain the gadget functioning aacquire.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any kind of information shed from your tool once you follow the actions below:

To manufacturing facility reset:

Hold power button + volume up + home button until Samsung logo shows up. When Samsung logo design appears stop holding the power button but proceed holding the other buttons. Once you gain right into a recoextremely food selection which usually release all tricks.

Use volume tricks to navigate the food selection and also the power / home crucial to choose the highlighted alternative.

Do wipe data / factory recollection. Wait for this to complete and reboot tablet.

See more: Solved: Secure Boot Violation Dell, Secure Boot Violation

If this still doesn"t resolve the trouble then you will must reclaim firmware utilizing Samsung Kies (ODIN downloader flash approach functions too).


Stuck on white Samsung Logo typically implies device is soft-bricked (Recoverable utilizing firmware flash), resulted in by a bad battery or insufficiently charged battery.Stuck on animated Logo commonly implies the partition on the device that is used for user information is corrupt and requirements to be wiped by doing the factory recollection method. It deserve to additionally be resulted in by corrupt firmware also. You must attempt firmware flash initially if you must store user information that"s on the tool then execute factory reset as that is the only alternative after that.