Galaxy s8 notification light

The Samsung Galaxy S8 notification LED is a helpful attribute that gives customers information without turning on the screen, yet it deserve to be exceptionally distracting. This guide will show you just how to disable the Galaxy S8 notification light or customize it for a far better experience.

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Sitting at the height left of the display screen, it flashes throughout incoming messages, missed calls, or displays the battery charging condition.

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And while you’ll require third party apps to change the colors, a quick trip into the settings menu will certainly eliminate it totally.

How to Turn Off the Galaxy S8 Notification Light

Open Setups (equipment shaped button in the notice pulldown bar)Tap DisplayScroll down and uncheck LED Indicator

The alert LED bweb links blue for a message message, white for missed calls, and also some apps like Snapchat turn the LED yellow. That shelp, tright here are several factors users may desire to revolve it off. To proccasion distractions in a dark work environment, movie theaters, and various other cases.

Other Details & Customization

As a reminder, disabling the LED alert light suggests tbelow are no visual signs of any type. You’ll no much longer see the red or green lights while charging the Galaxy S8.

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To get the battery notifications earlier, ssuggest follow the steps above and turn the LED indicator back on. Then just customize the apps you’d choose to remain off.

Popular apps like LightFlow offer us complete manage over LED notifications. Allowing custom colors and also blinking fads for individual apps. Users can likewise usage this to collection some app notifications empty. Delivering a distraction cost-free experience without shedding the charging condition lights. Give it a try now, then inspect out our list of some excellent Galaxy S8+ cases listed below.

A neat instance from Samsung for the Galaxy S8 is the Alcantara instance. It"s a beautiful and sturdy hard instance that"s covered in Suede-choose product.It looks great, feels incredibly soft and is "stain-resistant" also. This is our first recommendation of many type of. Your phone will be safe, and also look excellent doing it. Due to the fact that it"s a fabric the initially few days it might melted, however that conveniently went away on ours.

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Samsung makes some of the best instances, of course, and this will certainly be no exemption. It comes in 4 different colors and also looks pretty distinctive. Get one for your Galaxy S8+. For whatever reason, many of Samsung"s ideal instances aren"t easily accessible on their own digital shop. If you desire one, inspect out for all your needs.

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