Galaxy s7 slow and laggy

The Samsung galaxy S7 prefer other Samsung flagships functions quick and smoothly as soon as new, yet over time, the gadget tends to sluggish down as a result of a variety of reasons. This dip in performance can be attributed to many various determinants varying from low memory space to power-hungry apps using up device resources in the background. Here are prevalent reasons why your Samsung S7 lagging.

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Why My Galaxy S7 is Lagging?

As you install updates and many type of other apps on your device, you boost the needs on the processor and memory. That is why you notice that a brand-new phone without any apps set up is typically quicker than a year-old phone.Tbelow are some apps that run in the background also once you don’t deliberately open up them. these apps take up CPU resources and fill up your RAM, leading to your gadget to come to be sluggish.When your storage space becomes filled up through media papers and cache files, your phone becomes sluggish.

How to Fix When My Galaxy S7 is Lagging

1.Use Reiboot Android System Repair Tool ReiBoot for Android is one of the best devices out there for accelerating your phone when it becomes slow. It renders the process of fixing a bunch of Android devices concerns basic and also seammuch less. Clearing Android mechanism cache, entering fastboot and also recoextremely mode can now be done just by the push of a switch.

Key Features:

Fix any kinds of Android issue, including galaxy S7 lagging.Helps you easily enter and also departure Android fastboot mode through simply 1-click, also as soon as your phone gets stuck.Helps you safely enter and exit Android recoexceptionally mode via just 1-click. You no longer need to manually organize down any kind of butlots.Only requires one click to exit Android downfill Reiboot for Android helps you delete mechanism cache, wipe system cache partition, update or restore Android OS all via 1 click..

How to Use Reiboot

Tip 1 First, downfill and also install the Reiboot for Android routine on your computer. Connect your Android tool to computer system and permit “USB Debugging”. Launch the Reiboot for Android and also you will certainly be presented through a selection of alternatives, choose the alternatives that fit your need. For the function of this article, click on “Repair Android System”.

Step 2 On the next screen, click “repair now”.

Tip 3 Then, you will be asked to enter your gadget details, enter the correct information as anypoint else will certainly reason to the tool to be bricked. After entering the correct device details, click “Next”.

Step 4 Reiboot for Android will then downfill a firmware package.

Tip 5 After the firmware is completed downloaded, click “Repair now”. You will be presented via some instructions on just how to obtain your gadget right into downpack mode.

Tip 6 Once the repairing procedure is done, your tool will certainly automatically reboot. That’s all.



Disable Bloatware

It"s not uncommon for smartphones from big-name brands to come pre-mounted via most applications that perform you no great. These applications take up room and also usage up system resources, slowing down your phone. Here are measures on how to disable bloatware to resolve Galaxy S7 lagging.

Go to the major menu.Go to Setups.In settings, select “Applications”.Then choose Application manager.Tap the All tab.You will certainly then check out a list of all the apps set up on your gadget.Tap on the application you want to disable and then hit the “Disable” switch.

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4.Restart Your Device in Safe Mode

Refounding your phone in safe mode is a good method to tell if the trouble is being caused by a third-party app or not. If everything becomes fine in safe mode, then you understand that among your third-party apps is making your Galaxy S7 lagging. Here’s how to boot into safe mode.

Turn off your tool.Press and hold the power switch until the ‘Samsung galaxy S7’ logo comes up, then release the power switch and also host dvery own the volume dvery own button till the booting procedure is over.When you check out “Safe Mode” at the bottom left of the display screen, release the volume down switch.

If your tool runs smoothly in safe mode, then your apps are probably leading to your phone to slow-moving dvery own. You will certainly have to either uninstall, upday or recollection them. Here’s how to update all your apps.


Update All Apps

Go to the primary menu (Apps).Tap the Play Store symbol.In the Play Store app, tap the food selection icon on the peak left and also then tap “my Apps”.You will watch “update” written against apps that are not up to date. Select “update all” switch to proceed.

Extra Tips: Other Typical Galaxy S7 Issue and How to Fix Them

Battery Drain

The Samsung galaxy S7 comes via a 3000mAh battery. Although this is enough for a lot of individuals, some, but, have actually competent battery drain problems. If you notice that your Samsung galaxy S7 battery drains at an abnormal price, then tbelow is most likely somepoint wrong. Here are some points you deserve to perform to deal with that.

Firstly, you deserve to try reducing your display brightness, usage power-saving mode or reduce the background data usage. Sometimes the reason of the difficulty can be an application that is constantly running in the background. To watch which application is draining your battery, go to Settings, then Battery, then Battery consumption. You will certainly view how much of your battery your apps take up. If you find any type of app via an abnormal battery draw, update, reinstall or replace the app via an alternative.

You have the right to additionally try resetting your phone or wiping the cache partition.


If you notice that your device is getting unnecessarily hot, particularly when charging or once you are not making use of the phone, there is a difficulty.

To settle the concern of overheating while charging, you have the right to try turning off the quick charging function. Go to “Settings” > “Battery” > “Turn rapid cable charging off”.If your phone overheats once it"s not in use, then an application is most likely the culprit. Go to your application settings and see which apps are constantly running in the background. You can disable them or find a much less power-hungry alternate.

Camera Failed Error

Some individuals have experienced a situation by which on opening the cam, they gain a babsence display and also the cam crashes through the error message;” Warning, video camera failed”.

To settle that, simply sindicate rebegin your phone. If the problem persists, clear the cache data of the cam app. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Applications’, then ‘Application Manager’, click the cam app and hit “Force stop”. Then tap on “Storage” > “Clear cache and clear data”.Sometimes the camera error might be caused by Smart Stay, go to settings and also disable the Smart Stay function. If the error still occurs, then you will certainly have to wipe cache partition or reset your Samsung galaxy S7.

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Fortunately, thereto My galaxy s7 is lagging, previously mentioned methods can help you fix problem that Samsung galaxy is lagging. These solutions take care of the issue pertained to your phone’s storage space. But if you don’t desire to spfinish much time on just how to wipe cache partition or other means. We very recommend to use effectively tool - ReiBoot for Android, helping your phone run commonly within no time.