Galaxy s6 root 5.1.1

Is tbelow a way to root this device? Its model name is SM-G925F. PingPong Root functions only via 5.0.2.



You could attempt replacing the stock Recoextremely with its particular TWRP Recoexceptionally and then flashing the SuperSU though the TWRP Recovery.

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Next are the downpack links_

Here"s a overview for rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" Wifi. Even though the gadget is different, the actions must be the very same you simply need to usage the TRWP specific for your tool and the latest version of SuperSU (even more readjust of success). Guide

I"ve rooted gadgets approximately 4.4 but haven"t tried this technique with any 5.X tool so please tell me if it operated.


Here an extremely equivalent guide but particular to your tool.

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answered Jan 20 "16 at 18:06

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