Galaxy s4 turns on but black screen

One of the points that the majority of world love around #Samsung #Galaxy tools is its use of a Super AMOLED display screen. The Galaxy #S4 for instance supplies this type of screen which makes imeras on the display screen appear vibrant and lifechoose. It additionally allows the gadget to conserve more battery life compared to continuous LCD screens due to the effective way it offers power. Regardless of these benefits some display related worries can still happen. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will certainly tackle the Galaxy S4 turns on yet display screen is black worry & various other related troubles. This issue is characterised by the phone still receiving notifications and even calls however nopoint deserve to be watch on the display.

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S4 Turns On But Screen Is Black

Problem: Hi, My Samsung Galaxy S4 was thrvery own dvery own. The display screen didn’t actually crack but component of it is prefer a spider internet so it type of cracked I guess? The problem is the display screen is babsence. All notifications seem to occupational, the phone rings on calls, messages and so on yet it is simply babsence. I cannot watch anypoint on the phone which properly makes it usemuch less. I would really appreciate if you can assist me via this. Thanks so a lot for your help!

Solution: It appears that the difficulty is caused by a damaged display probably led to by the influence of the drop. When this happens you won’t check out anypoint on the display but your phone will still be acquiring notifications.

Here’s what you will certainly want to do. Try to inspect initially if the trouble is caused by a software application concern by beginning your phone in recoextremely mode. It’s best if you connect the phone to its wall charger as soon as doing this. If you can acces the recovery mode and also deserve to see the choices on the display then I imply you perform a factory reset. Take note that this will delete all information stored in the device ( this includes contacts, photos, message messperiods, music, and so on.) so make certain you have a backup of the phone information.

If you are unable to access the recovery mode then I indicate you carry your phone to an authorized company center as you may should have the screen reinserted.

S4 Display Babsence And Broken After Drop

Problem: Hi tright here, I had actually a tiny problem through my cellphone , it dropped and supposedly break the display, it’s all black but the touch it’s still functioning, I can’t view anypoint and also the display looks a little bit broken. Thanks for your help

Solution: The phone display screen is the majority of most likely damaged currently because of the phone falling. The finest method to proceed in this case is to backup your phone datan initial. Since the touch is still functioning then you deserve to attempt utilizing Kies. Connect your phone using a USB cord to a computer via Kies running then execute the backup. One action that you must perform after this is to regain your phone to its original manufacturing facility problem. If this stops working to solve the worry then I indicate you bring your phone to an authorized business facility and have it checked. The display of your phone may must be reput.

S4 Environment-friendly Color Display After Phone Dropped

Problem: My friend dropped her tool on the ground, and then when she tried turning it on a green colour showed up on the display and she likewise tried a series of methods to settle this worry. Such as taking the battery out, and holding 3 buttons continuously the power switch, volume down and house and also this additionally didn’t work-related. Can you please provide me with a resolve that I can myself or a webwebsite which I can send the phone off to

Solution: Try connecting the phone using a USB cord to a computer system with Kies running. Once connected backup the phone data then gain back the phone software to its original condition. If after this process the green color still shows up on the screen then this might currently be a hardware related difficulty which need the screen to be reinserted. If this is the instance then I indicate you carry the phone to an authorized service facility and also have it checked.

S4 Screen Is Blank

Problem: My daughter has actually a Samsung S4. The display screen is empty. It vibrates when power button is revolve on and also a blue light flashes on peak of phone, however no other butlots come on and also the screen is blank. It has over heated twice in the last week. We have actually tried taking battery out and also pressing power button for 1 minute and also then for 2 minutes. This has actually not fixed the concern. We have actually likewise tried to to the reset on the phone, but cannot also get the recollection food selection to come up. Do you have actually any kind of other suggestions?

Solution: It’s feasible that the battery of the phone is already weak. Try connecting the phone to its wall charger for at leastern 20 minutes prior to turning it on. It’s best if you use a different charging cord and also wall charger as soon as doing this to eliminate any type of charger connected issues. If the difficulty stays then attempt getting a new battery and watch if this resolves the problem.

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If the over troubleshooting actions fail then you have to have actually the phone checked at an authorized service facility as this could already be a hardware connected difficulty.

S4 Does Not Boot Up

Problem: as soon as pressing the power switch the phone vibrates and also the samsung s4 logo design comes on. Then the blue light comes on and the phone will not boot up. then the phone vibrates and also repeats the previous procedure until i either switch it off or take the battery out. I have tried all the actions on your website to try and also rectify the problem however nopoint appears to work. The recoexceptionally display comes up fine however after trying all the discussed actions, the phone still will not boot past the samsung s4 display. is it worth having the phone looked at or is it much better to throw it in the bin?

Solution: It looks like the phone has been bricked. One last troubleshooting action that you have to think about is to flash your phone. You will require the original firmware file of your gadget and also a software application called Odin installed in your computer. Instructions on exactly how to perform this procedure deserve to be discovered at several of the popular android forums online.

If flashing the phone doesn’t solve the difficulty then this may currently be resulted in by a hardware worry. If this is the situation then you must consider having actually your phone checked at an authorized organization facility.

S4 Display Is Black

Problem: Dropped phone off bed onto soft flooring while i was on a call. Display changed colour as though there was a colour drain. Eventually gained worse by the minute. Kept switching on and off then the screen went black. the phone still functions as it rings but the display screen is black.

Solution: The drop might have damaged the phone screen. I suggest you backup your phone datan initial and perform a factory recollection making use of Kies. If the problem still continues to be then I indicate you have your phone checked at an authorized service center as its display screen may currently be damaged.

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S4 Touchscreen Is Inaccurate

Problem: I’m having actually huge troubles with my Samsung Galaxy S4 for the last few months! I bought my S4 second hand also half a year ago via Android 5.0.1 Lollipop and it worked great for the first couple of weeks. Then it started to make really starray difficulties via its touchdisplay. When I unlock my phone the touchdisplay screen is really inexact when I try to open an application it opens up the one next ot it (right or left to it), when I open the key-board to create a message and also push a letter it presses a letter alongside the one I pressed and also whatever I execute the display is totally inaccurate. The only means to solve it wregarding just rotate the screen off and then on earlier aacquire, then it would certainly work-related fine. The problem occurs everyday. When I leave the phone for even more than 15-20 minutes without utilizing it, as soon as I unlock it the trouble occurs. I tried rebooting the phone day-to-day and also removing the battery for a couple of minutes however that didn’t assist, still the phone retained making this trouble like 5-10 times a day and also it’s really frustrating. I need your help!

Solution: Try to check if an app you set up is leading to this difficulty. To do this you need to begin the phone in Safe Mode. In this mode only the pre-mounted apps are permitted to run while apps you downloaded are disabled. If the concern does not occur in this mode then it is many most likely led to by an app. Find out what application this is and uninstall it.

If the problem still take place even in Safe Setting then I suggest you backup your phone information then carry out a factory reset.

If the reset falls short to resolve the issue then the trouble is most most likely caused by a damaged digitizer. If this is the case then I imply you have actually your phone checked at an authorized company center.

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