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Welconcerned the 4third part of our Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems series. In this post I’ve addressed 4 troubles, answered 4 questions and tackled 3 errors. I suggest you take time analysis or skimming with this page to discover out if your issue has actually already been addressed right here. If you cannot find your worries in this web page, I strongly suggest you web browser our Samsung Galaxy S4 Troubleshooting web page as we created an index of all concerns we addressed considering that we began publishing these kinds of write-ups.

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GPSD Service Draining Galaxy S4 Battery Quickly

Problem: Good day, I have this difficulty with my phone battery intake on my Galaxy S4. I charge my phone completely in the evening before going to sleep. I then switch off wifi gps and also end any apps that might be running and also clear the memory. When i wake up in the morning, around 6 hours later, my phone battery is less than 50%. If I look at the battery usage on my phone tbelow is a listing dubbed gpsd. This company has actually provided the biggest percentage of the battery.

By around 8 o’clock in the morning, my phone is currently at 10%.

I have tried a factory recollection twice already, tbelow is no advancement. My Galaxy S4 is presently on Android 4.4.2. It running the original seller software application. How deserve to i fix or troubleshoot this trouble. Thanks. — Mustafaa

Solution: Good day, Mustafaa. Thanks for giving the details. The GPSD organization runs as soon as an app supplies any type of area business accessible in the gadget. This concern is widespread to both Galaxy S4 and S3. Apparently, this service continues to run also if GENERAL PRACTITIONERS is disabled or turned off so basically, it has nothing to execute with this service however Google Maps application does.

When Maps app proceeds running in the background, GPSD becomes energetic. The best means to attend to this trouble is to pressure cshed the app. I’m not sure if this concern would certainly be addressed if you updated your firmware to 4.4.4 however it’s worth a shot. Meanwhile, if you’re not using Maps, disable it.

From any type of Home screen, tap the Menu key.Tap Setups.Tap the More tab.Tap Application manager.Swipe left or appropriate to go to the All tab.Tap Maps.Tap Force Close.

How To Upday Galaxy S4 To KitKat Using KIES

Problem: Ok so I have Galaxy S4 that doesn’t have an upday spot in the establishing. I would certainly like to upday it to a more recent OS yet I can’t. I’ve tried to number out exactly how to perform on the computer system however couldn’t number it out. My wife’s S4 has actually the software upday on it however mine doesn’t. So how can I carry out it?

Solution: I am not going to delve right into why your phone doesn’t have an “update” alternative in the Settings. Rather, I desire to overview you through installing the latest firmware making use of Samsung KIES. Please follow these steps:

Backup all your information or those you don’t desire to shed.Make certain you set up the latest KIES on your computer.Connect your phone to your computer making use of it’s original USB cord.Run KIES.Go to Tools and also select Firmware Upgrade and also Initialization.Get in the name of your phone.Input the model name of your Galaxy S4 (in CAPS). It is uncovered at the ago of its casing.Select OK.Kies will certainly currently verify if your gadget is supported together with a warning message saying that all information from your tool will certainly be deleted during the process.Click OK if you agree with it.Kies will certainly downfill and also initialize the firmware upday. Wait till it finishes.Just hit Continue through eincredibly warning message until you reach the emergency recoincredibly process.Don’t foracquire to put a check on the confirmation message saying, “I have read all of the over information” when you have actually percreated all the compelled indevelopment in the home window.Configure your preferred indevelopment saving choice, connect to Kies and switch your phone to Recoexceptionally Setting.Hit the Start Upgrade button and also wait until the process finishes. Do not interrupt the process.After you view a confirmation message saying that everything is complete, hit the OK button to complete.

I hope this helps.

Galaxy S4 Touch Display Doesn’t Respond Intermittently

Problem: Hey men, I have actually been having a trouble with my S4 GT-i9500 for the last few days.

I newly updated to Kit-Kat and also a day or so later my touch screen stopped working completely. I review a few forums and so on around it and disabled the ‘WatchOn’ application and also this appeared to functioning for a day but my touch display screen has actually began functioning intermittently aget. I have actually just review your ‘How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Intermittently Not Responding or Frozen‘ article and non of these points seem to occupational. The phone has no physical damages and I have always supplied a shock proof case. Would have actually you have any various other remedies that I might have the ability to try? Thanks, Kelsey.

Solution: Kelsey, this concern needs correct monitoring to recognize if there’s a pattern once and just how it occurs. But given that you stated that disabling an seemed to have “alleviate” its symptoms, try to take an extra basic troubleshooting procedure–booting in Safe Mode.

If the phone is in Safe Setting, all third-party apps are temporarily disabled. If the problem is caused by among those apps, then the touch display need to be functioning correctly when the phone is in that state. Now, follow these procedures to boot the S4 in safe mode:

Turn the gadget off completely.Press and host the Power button.Once the Samsung Galaxy S4 logo design appears on the screen, release the Power button.As shortly as you release the Power button, push and hold the Volume Down vital.Continue holding the Volume Dvery own key till the phone has actually completed the reboot procedure.If you have the right to review ‘Safe Mode’ at the bottom left edge of the display screen, release the Volume Down vital. Otherwise, repeat the procedure until you can boot the phone to Safe Setting.

Now, if the touch display still won’t work-related properly also in safe mode, let’s take right into consideration the fact that the trouble started quickly after you updated your phone. So, tbelow is a possibility that corrupted caches may be causing the problem. Try to wipe the cache partition by booting in recoextremely mode:

Turn off the device.Press and also organize the adhering to three butlots at the exact same time: Volume Up crucial, Home crucial, Power keyWhen the phone vibrates, let go of the Power crucial however continue to push and also organize the Volume Up vital and the Home crucial.When the Android System Recoextremely display screen appears, release the Volume Up and also Home tricks.Press the Volume Down vital to highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’Press the Power vital to pick. The phone will certainly immediately restart after the cache is wiped.

After this procedure and the difficulty persisted, it’s time you carried the phone to a tech but prior to doing that, backup your information and also factory recollection the phone.

Galaxy S4 Stuck After Firmware Update

Problem: Hi, my roommate has actually an S4 and also since the last automatic upday was percreated her phone has actually quit working. First the sound went out, then the phone would freeze up. Now it’s off and won’t reboot. I have actually cleared the cache and also information, and have done a factory reset. When I attempt to reboot it simply freezes on the Samsung Galaxy S4 display screen. Please assist. The male at iwireless simply thinks it’s a virus. The phone is brand-new in the last 4 months and has actually had no previous concerns. — Phedra

Solution: Phedra, tbelow is this thing they speak to “bad update” and tbelow is likewise the point referred to as “interrupted or unfinimelted upday.” They both have actually the exact same symptoms as what your roommate encountered with her phone. Basically, it’s a firmware problem and also the best way to resolve it is to flash (install) the previous firmware and also then percreate the update aacquire.

The process will certainly include downloading in complete the firmware and the flashing tool referred to as Odin. Just go to and also search for the firmware for your phone design. Successful installation of the firmware will cause the resolution of this problem.



Insert SIM Card Error On Galaxy S4

Error: Hi, I came throughout your link. I gained a Fiexecute SIM. I had actually been making use of my Samsung Galaxy S4 perfectly prior to I got right here. The phone is not recognising the SIM. Keeps saying insert SIM. When I try to dial a number it screens ‘mobile netoccupational not available’. Hubby and I have the same phone, bought at the exact same shop. Same point with the SIM cards. My SIM works perfectly in his phone. I have actually switched off the phone, done a tough recollection, removed the SIM. Nothing seems to job-related. Could it be the settings? I upgraded the BBM a coupla weeks ago yet that can’t be it right? Please help. Thank you.

Troubleshooting: Okay, so your SIM card works perfectly on your hubby’s phone but does his SIM works on your phone as well? Thanks for giving details of points you did to troubleshoot the trouble however what you’re actually lacking is if other SIM cards work-related on your phone or not.

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But assuming other your S4 have the right to detect and check out other SIM cards, I imply you speak to Ficarry out and also let the rep inspect if there’s a problem on their finish. During my tenure as a tech assistance for one of the wiremuch less service providers in the U.S., we have a tool that we use to “pair” a SIM card to a phone. Your trouble does sound acquainted, so it would be worth the moment to call your provider.

However before, if your phone couldn’t detect other SIM cards as well, tright here is a opportunity that one or more connectors in the SIM card slot doesn’t make call via the card . In this case, the phone cannot detect it. It would certainly help if you inserted a tiny item of paper on height of the SIM card to use pressure and also hopecompletely contact would certainly be establiburned. If you didn’t desire to do that, I indicate you had actually the phone checked by a technician.

Gallery Has Stopped Error On Galaxy S4 Zoom

Error: Good evening! I am having a trouble with my Galaxy S4 Zoom. I noticed yesterday that as soon as I select somepoint in the gallery and try to share I can’t bereason it reflects up the message the gallery has stopped. So I would prefer to deal with this bereason is a duty I use a lot. Thanks for the help! — Bruna

Troubleshooting: I don’t want to sound choose this difficulty is a huge deal because it’s not. If this is the attribute of the phone you usage a lot, then I’m almost specific this trouble started simply freshly. What prompted it? Well, I don’t know. However before, one of the causes of this difficulty especially if you are syncing most pictures from your cloud accounts is the inconsistency of your internet link.

It’s the Gallery app and it doesn’t keep photos or videos, it maneras them. Thus, it is safe to just go to the Application Manager and simply clear its cache and also information. This works many of the moment. Again, I don’t mean this trouble to be serious so try that one first. If the problem persists and you have actually conserved photos in a microSD card, check the SD card because it might not be working appropriately.

Error Logging In To Facebook On Galaxy S4

Error: Hi men. I didn’t do anypoint. The one moment I was still on fb,10 min later on it told me there’s a trouble login in. It’s 2 days currently. Please assist.

Troubleshooting: First of all, make sure you have actually an energetic internet connection. Second, examine your Facebook account credentials, i.e. username and password. Now using a internet internet browser on your phone, open up Facebook website and also login making use of your credential. If it tells you your credentials are not correct, attempt a password recollection. However before, if you can login just fine in the internet version of Facebook, then the problem is via the application itself. The many reliable way to attend to it is uninstall the app and also install it ago. That functions a lot of of the time.



Galaxy S4 Red LED Notification Glows

Question: Hello, I have actually a red light in the peak left edge constantly red it’s not blinking or anything. If I rerelocate the battery and put it earlier, it goes red aacquire. I have no alert saying I have a regime not responding. I don’t recognize wbelow to look to solve this problem. Please advise. Thanks. Best regards, Christelle.

Answer: Hi Christelle. The glowing red light implies the charger is plugged in to the phone and also the device is charging. At leastern, this is the default setting for the LED notification. If you set up an app that has actually the capcapability to manipulate the LED alert, attempt uninstalling it initially to view if that fixes the trouble.

Now, boot the phone in safe mode to recognize if the red light still lights up even via all third-party apps disabled. In case the red light still glows, try going to Setups > My gadget > LED indicator and uncheck whatever. If the difficulty persists, then tbelow is a chance there’s some kind of a circuit trouble. You have to have the phone checked by a tech however prior to doing so, backup your information and also perform manufacturing facility reset to ascendancy out the opportunity that it’s one more firmware glitch.

However, if the LED isn’t lit up in safe mode, among the third-party apps is resulting in the difficulty. You need to discover that application and uninstall it.

Galaxy S4 Unrooting Questions

Questions: Hello Mr droidman, I have a reasonably basic question for you my friend. I own a galaxy s4 running jelly bean and that is the trouble I want Kitkat, but unfortunately tbelow is a tiny obstacle in the way and also that is ROOT. Ok, so I rooted my device basically for one single function: foldermount. I take place to have a 64gb SD card and I also take place to reap gaming, however my interior memory just fills up without any type of logical explanation, and also then I uncovered foldermount. So now I desire the brand-new stuff yet I am afraid I have to unroot to get them right? (If there is a workaround please do tell). So what I would prefer to know is the following:

How deserve to I unroot? Could you please teach me or link me to a simple tutorial.Does unrooting require flashing and wiping the phone clean from all apps and inpractical stuff?!Should I delete foldermount before unrooting? What about the installed folders? What happens to them should they stay? Would they cause errors?Can I root kitkat and reinstall foldermount? Will it detect the formerly installed folders?

I am terribly sorry for bothering you via so many questions, but this has actually been going via my mind for fairly some time currently, and also Google has actually left me through even more and even more confusion. Person assist is required right here. Thank you exceptionally very a lot, I truly appreciate what you perform, keep up the excellent occupational and sorry for this lengthy email. Phone specs are attached to this email. — Rayan

Answers: Hey Rayan. Don’t concern around having actually asked many kind of questions, it’s not a trouble at all. There are many guides on how to unroot your Galaxy S4. So, rather of parroting the actions written by various other bloggers, I would certainly sindicate suggest you to them. Here is a pair of guides you have the right to pick from.

Now, to answer your various other questions:

Unrooting contains flashing of the stock firmware using the tool popularly recognized as Odin. Full wipe is required after the flashing of the firmware so all your apps and also other data saved in the phone’s inner memory will be deleted.

Whether you favor it or not, foldermount will be deleted together with various other apps and its installed folders. So, you must backup every little thing that’s in those folders.

Once you set up Kitkat, you have the right to root it and also simply install foldermount. I’m not sure if tbelow is a utility that will backup your mounted folders but if there is, then I’m certain you have the right to reclaim them earlier the means they were. Otherwise, you have to mount folders from scratch.

Water Damaged Galaxy S4 Doesn’t Display

Question: Hello. My name is Jalen and I carry out have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that has actually been water damaged. I REALLY require your help. This s4 was my mothers phone prior to and also she dropped it in the toilet and also she got it out however didn’t do anypoint about it. 2 months later on i needed the phone bereason mine damaged. So its water damaged and the touchdisplay screen works and also the phone is running good however the screen doesn’t appear. I’ve tried everything. Rice, alcohol, blow dryer. It didn’t help. After all these points now the screen doesn’t display and also the touchdisplay screen still functions but badepend. I REALLY need your assistance through this trouble. I will certainly be VERY a lot delighted. Thanks in Advance. PLEASE HELP ME!!

Answer: Hi Jalen. Water damage is not that easy and there’s no firmware troubleshooting you might carry out to resolve it. Based on your description it appears prefer the link in between the screen panel and also motherboard was messed up. I cannot guarantee it however this trouble might be resolved by a general cleaning. That shelp, have actually the phone checked by an authorized technician.

Galaxy S4 Active Application Question

Question: After I disattach from the internet (facebook) by hitting the residence key, the internet continues to be energetic until I go to active applications and also close it. Is there a way for the application to automatically shut dvery own after I hit the home button? Thank you, Sharon.

Related Question: Hi Harold. I have actually a Galaxy S4 and I usage mobile information to connect to the internet. I noticed that once I hit the Home button, the apps I use like Twitter and Facebook still receives notifications; meaning they proceed running also if the are not in use. Is tbelow a method to instantly close these apps as soon as I hit the Home button?

Answer: Nope, there’s no method to directly close apps when hitting the Home button. That’s exactly how Android functions and it’s as much as Google if it will certainly readjust the means the mechanism treats the apps. The fact is, it’s not simply Android that’s doing this, also iOS treats its apps the exact same means. They proceed running in the background unless the user manually close them.

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