Galaxy s4 black screen wont turn on

"Help! My Samsung Galaxy S4 won"t rotate on after after dropping it, and it appears stuck on black screen of fatality currently. How to fix black display on Samsung Android?"

Some users compose to us for assist, saying that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will not turn on. Then the tool seems to be stuck on babsence screen of fatality and also nothing will take place once they create any type of secrets or butloads. The Samsung Galaxy display screen won"t rotate on bereason the display stops working to wake up. And in this post, we will administer you through the best solution to assist you resolve Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S6/Keep in mind 4/Note 5 not turn on and also Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 babsence display screen of fatality worry.

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Best method to deal with Samsung Galaxy S4 that will not rotate on

Broken Android Phone Data Extraction is the the a lot of excellent Android tool from any kind of damaged Android devices. It can help you fix the Samsung Galaxy black display screen of fatality. and it is able to extract contacts, photos, videos, messeras, speak to logs and also more from the broken Samsung phone or tablet. The software functions ideal via Samsung Galaxy tools.

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FoneLab - Android Documents Recoextremely For Mac FoneLab for Android is the bravo software program to ago up data from Android phone/SD card/tablet to computer system (COMPUTER and also Mac). Back-up contacts, SMS, WhatsApp data, photos, music, videos, and so on Sync information from Android phone/tablet/SD card to PC or Mac without root. Transfer information from practically Android mobiles like Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, and so on.

Main features:

◆ Fix frozen, cramelted, black-screen, virus-strike, screen-locked phone to normal. ◆ Recover and also extract messperiods, contacts, call background, WhatsApp, photos, etc. from damaged Android phone. ◆ Support practically all Samsung phones prefer Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, and so on.

How to usage Broken Android Phone File Extraction

Step 1 Launch the routine and pick "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" mode from the left column. As for your soft-bricked Android phone, here we choose "Fix Device" button.


Click the "Start" switch when you forobtain the password or your Samsung phone is locked, or once your Android phone display screen turns black or non-responsive.

Step 2 When you choose "Fix Device", pick the stuck situation that match your Samsung Galaxy S4. And right here, you need to choose "Black Screen" and also then click on "Next" button.


Step 3 On the brand-new window, choose the tool name and model of your Android phone.

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Tip 4 Follow the easy guide to let your Samsung Galaxy S4 enter Download Setting. Power off the phone > press and hold three keys: "Volume Down", "Home" and "Power" > press the "Volume Up" button to enter the "Downfill mode".


Step 5 The regimen will certainly downfill recoextremely package and also then reapair the damaged Android device.


Step 6 When it is finiburned, you have the right to use "Android Documents Recovery" function to accessibility and also sdeserve to your Android data, consisting of the deleted records.



This regime have the right to likewise be your ideal Samsung backup tool if you have actually the need.

In this short article, we greatly display you exactly how to deal with the issue that Galaxy S4 won"t rotate on. Not just Samsung Galaxy S4, Broken Android Phone File Extraction deserve to likewise assist you resolve Samsung black display of fatality and also let you remove Samsung Galaxy S3//S5/S6 not turn on.

FAQs about Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Turn on

Where is the Reset switch on Samsung Galaxy S4?

On Samsung Galaxy S4, tap on Apps switch, and go to Setups > General > Back up and reset > Factory data recollection > Recollection Device > Delete All/Erase Everypoint.

How perform you rotate on Samsung Galaxy S4?

Press and host the Power switch for a couple of secs till the Samsung logo design appears. Then release the Power switch and also wait for Samsung Galaxy S4 to boot.

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Why won’t my Wi-Fi revolve on Samsung?

If your Wi-Fi didn’t rotate on, you may have permitted Airairplane mode. Just swipe dvery own from the alert panel and also turn the Airairplane mode off. Wait for 5 seconds and turn it earlier on. After that, you can revolve Wi-Fi on.