Galaxy s3 screen is black

Hello dear readers! I am pleased to existing you a cumulative iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S3 troubleshooting series. In this post we will tackle about some display screen worries the majority of Samsung Galaxy S3 users enrespond to. Below are some of the emails we have actually received from our avid followers who have actually troubles with their Galaxy S3 displays. Read on and also find out if your specific worry has actually been answered in this short article.

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Ala lot of all screen issues though can either be brought about by incorrect screen settings, faulty display, and also or a defective hardware. Thus, it is vital to isolate the case in order to accomplish the appropriate solution. It is likewise recommended to begin through the most standard troubleshooting which is a finish reboot of your gadget. Remove the battery and also leave it detached for a few minutes. Power the gadget on and inspect if the trouble has actually been addressed. If it has actually not, then it’s time for you to relocate up to the second phase. If your concern is not provided, please feel cost-free to shoot us an email and also we would certainly be happy to rerotate it as soon as we have the right to.

If you take place to own a Samsung Galaxy S3 or any type of various other Android tool for that issue, then feel totally free to reach us using this create or you have the right to also send us an e-mail at . Be sure to religiously fill out the form as this will certainly help us gauge the worry your getting and also administer an accurate solution too. We will carry out our finest to respond to eincredibly email we receive. 


Hello. I provided my Samsung Galaxy S3 to a frifinish and also when he changed it, I might no longer discover the phone making use of the touch features. I can’t even swipe up and down, and I can’t go past the initially page after tapping the food selection switch. But then tbelow is constantly a voice telling me about every actions going on in the phone. Please help! — Rotimi Akingboye

Solution: Hello Rotimi. It appears choose the Talk Back attribute is triggered on your phone. This is frequently provided by people with visual impairments as the tool speaks out whatever you press on your phone. Due to the fact that this is a native Android feature, this have the right to be found on gadgets via ICS and also Jelly Bean OS.

Activating the Talk Back mode would certainly block some of the phone’s functions thus it is meant that you’ll have limited touch accessibility. This will even prevent you from capturing screenshots, scrolling up and also dvery own, and opening the notifications facility. Now the dilemma runs down to disabling this mode and also getting earlier to the normal mode. The solution is a tiny tricky and calls for your complete attention and reflex. From the home screen, go to Settings>Accessibility>Talk Back. You need to double tap each selected choice in order for it to respond. If you also desire to scroll up or down in this mode, you have to carry out it with 2 fingers. If your phone is locked, you have the right to unlock it by doing a double tap + swipe making use of 2 fingers.

If your phone still speaks out even with the Talk Back feature deactivated, check if the Driving Setting is turned on. Disable it from the notifications panel or from the Settings food selection as this feature can likewise reason your phone to voice out commands as soon as activated. Hope this helps.


Help! I have actually a Samsung Galaxy S3. I have had actually ongoing troubles via this phone. Before the phone blacks off, I remember the display screen would certainly flicker as soon as I was on an application. Even if I am at the house screen, the shade likewise flickers. Then someday, the phone simply passed away on me after charging it. I have tried all of your tutorials on addressing a Samsung Galaxy S3 but to no avail. Any suggestions? — Angus


Solution: Hi Angus. This looks favor a display concern to me. It’s possible that the hardware component of your screen is no much longer functioning. There are also various other feasible factors why your phone would certainly act prefer this:

Software trouble. The installed and current firmware of your phone may be buggy and would certainly be a contributor to what you’re suffering ideal currently. Is a manufacturing facility recollection part of the troubleshooting you’ve tried?Battery difficulty.

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It is highly likely that this concern is associated to a battery trouble. If you have provided this phone for quite some time, then it is normal for the battery to degrade. Have you attempted to calibrate the battery?

If you have actually indeed worn down all troubleshooting actions from our services web page yet the gadget is still not working, the ideal thing to do is to send your phone in for repair. Tbelow is nothing much we can do anyeven more as this difficulty is hardware associated. This requires a technician’s field of expertise in addressing whatever before demands to be resolved inside. Your gadget might still be spanned through the manufacturer’s warranty, therefore you have the right to have actually it fixed for complimentary at a Samsung business facility. Contact them as shortly as feasible so that you will certainly be able to take advantage of the business and obtain your phone functioning again.


Hi. I ran across your site on a google search of a trouble I’m having actually through my Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone display screen won’t go babsence anymore whenever before I press the power button. The display just turns ago on automatically. It likewise comes on when touched. Any assist would certainly be appreciate. Thank you! – Doug

Solution: Hi Doug. Have you tried rebooting your phone completely? This includes rerelocating the battery and letting it remainder for a couple of minutes so as to refresh the firmware. There is a possibility that your Screen Timeout attribute was not properly setup. Check this under Lock Screen>Secured Lock Time and Display>Display Timeout. Make certain that the timeout was collection accordingly. Try it again with the power switch and also see if the display screen shuts off. If the concern still persists, it is most likely that an app or multiple apps is resulting in this. Specifically, the Wakelock holding apps. Google Play Store defines Wakelock as, “a device of power monitoring service in Android OS, which can be offered to save CPU awake (Partial wakelock) and save the display screen on (Full wakelock). Applications which usage Wakelock privilege improperly leads to instances where the CPU or phone display continues to be active without user’s knowledge and for this reason bring about dramatic battery drain.” Because of this, the Wakelock Detector app has actually been produced. This application displays Wakelock intake statistics throughout all applications. Try installing this from the Google Play Store and view if it fixes the worry. A majority of customers that had actually the exact same mishap as yours uncovered this application extremely useful. It refixed their display screen problems totally. Hope this functions for you too.


Hi there! I have a S3 GT-i9300 that comes on yet the display is blank. It starts through the display shedding shade or brightness yet on odd times as soon as it does come on, the display screen would certainly turn out pink. Sometimes the original screen comes on half means however is faded. Please assist.Eva

Solution: Hi Eva. When did this problem begin to occur? Did something occur to your phone prior to this? A blank or pink display screen have the right to be brought about by a water or physical damage. If your phone has actually been subunified in water or have been dropped on a hard floor, it will result to a faulty LCD. You may still desire to try the troubleshooting procedures explained over as there’s likewise a likelihood that an incorrect display screen setting might have brought about the problem. Let’s cross our fingers and also hope against hope that it will work-related. If it doesn’t, a faulty LCD is the most likely culprit. It is best to bring the phone to a repair shop and have actually the LCD reput. Hope this helps.



If you or someone you understand encounters a difficulty via your gadget, let us know. We market services for Android-connected difficulties for complimentary so if you have an issue through your Android device, ssuggest fill in the brief questionnaire in this link and also we will certainly try to publish our answers in the following write-ups. We cannot guarantee a quick response so if your worry is time sensitive, please discover one more means to resolve your trouble.

When describing your concern, please be as detailed as feasible so we have the right to conveniently pinpoint a relevant solution. If you have the right to, kindly include the precise error messeras you are getting to offer us an principle where to begin. If you have actually already tried some troubleshooting measures before emailing us, make sure to cite them so we have the right to skip them in our answers.

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