Galaxy note 4 home button not working

Regardmuch less of how excellent you take care of your phone, tright here may still be possibilities of the phone’s residence switch not functioning or not responding appropriately. The factor might be anything from a normal software application glitch to some hardware damages. But when you encounter this issue, it’s pretty annoying as the house switch is among the main butlots in your tool. When the home button on Android is not working, you cannot really execute much via the phone. It becomes imperative to gain it resolved as shortly as feasible.

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Though there are repair centers to aid you out, prior to heading to the one, you may try to solve it on your very own. For those of you who’re not certain just how to perform it, our quick guide will come in handy.

In this short article, we’ve provided down 5 most reliable techniques you have the right to try if you confront the ‘house button not working’ in your Android gadget.


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Restart the Device

Refounding your gadget proves to be a masterstroke once your Android phone’s virtual secrets suffer the impact of a normal software malware. Reboot your device by long-pressing the Power Button. If you’re lucky, you’ll discover the residence essential functioning fine as quickly as your phone restarts.

Choose ‘Wipe Cache Partition’

The cache partition is a cluster of momentary documents, logs, and also remembered bits from the apps which you’ve downloaded in your tool.

If you don’t clean this repertoire, it may begin creating problems at times as it slows the phone and also may lead to the problem ofandroid phone’s ago and current butlots not workingSo make sure you clean it effectively. Follow these steps to execute it:

Step 1: Switch off the phone, and also long-push the power button + Volume (down) button

Step 2: Select ‘Recovery’ mode

Step 3: Select ‘Wipe cache partition’

Step 4: ‘Confirm’ your selection

Factory Reset

In case the above 2 techniques don’t work-related to resolve the house button not functioning issue, you can go for manufacturing facility resetting. But prior to that, we suggest you usage your phone in “Safe Mode”. This will confirm if the issue is brought about by some application or software program malattribute.

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Note: A manufacturing facility reset will erase everything consisting of the poor-high quality apps and software application that might be resulting in worries through the phone. You will gain your phone ago the way it was at the moment of purchase.

To percreate Factory Reset on your tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Select ‘Back-up and Reset’

Tip 3: Select ‘Factory data reset’

Tip 4: Select ‘Recollection phone’

Step 5: You will need to insert the device password

Step 6: Select ‘Erase everything’

(Make certain you take the data earlier up in advancement as the procedure will delete whatever from your phone).

Recollection phone in Recoexceptionally Mode

You might also look to reboot the phone in recoincredibly mode. For this, you should follow the listed below procedures.

Step 1: Switch off the phone.

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Step 2: Long-push the power switch + Volume (down) button

Tip 3: Select ‘Recovery’ mode

Tip 4: Select ‘Factory Reset’ making use of Volume buttons to navigate

Try a third-component App:

At times, some apps deserve to pertained to your rescue. Button Savior is one such app that deserve to aid you navigate your phone once your house switch is not functioning. Follow these steps:

Tip 1: Download ‘Button Savior’ on your phone

Tip 2: Click open up alternatives by tapping at toggle arrow (you will find it at the edge of the screen)

Step 3: You will certainly watch a number of symbols tright here. You need to pick the icon based upon what you must carry out on your phone

Find a professional phone repair shop

These are some of the most recommfinished DIY techniques. But if these do not work, opportunities are there’s some hardware damages or an extra complex software issue that is beyond the reach of a layman. In such a scenario, it will be best to consult an expert. Visit a reliable repair centerandthe best would certainly be to head to the authorized service center.