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Top 10 hardest words to say through a lisp

Michael Nelli, Online Sports Editor|October 21, 2020


Michael Nelli

The just thing that scares me is the letter S.

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A lisp is somepoint that is generally just found in children before the age of five. It is a speaking discapacity that provides an S or a soft C sound choose a “th” or a “sh.” I occur to have a lisp and also would certainly choose to present the peak 10 hardest words to say when having one.

Tbelow are some criteria. If you were hoping to watch “Sally sells sea shells on the sea shore” or something of that nature, you will not find it. The list is based on ten rather common words in the English dictionary.

Number 10: Assassin. This word is challenging to say bereason of the amount of S’s and the prominence of them within the word. 4/9 of the letters are “s” and that is just overly challenging to say as soon as you have actually a lisp. 3/10 challenge aspect.

Number 9: Sassy. Anvarious other problematic word as it is 60% the letter S. The letter starts to build up and also bereason of the lisp my mouth gets spit riddled whenever before I start to say it. 3.5/10 difficulty aspect.

Number 8: Sauce. This one is a surpincreasing one, I understand also. With the combicountry of the S and soft C it is an extremely hard one to obtain throughout. I acquire captured up trying to say the right letters that a lot of of the time it just sounds favor gibberish. 4.5/10 obstacle variable.

Number 7: Senses. I personally don’t think this is a challenging tough one. I struggle via it when I say it after a couple other words. Sensemuch less or sense might have made feeling right here yet senses is one that I have actually too much trouble through mid-sentence. 4.5/10 difficulty factor

Number 6: Assists. Another weird word for some people to check out. Yet aacquire, this is one wright here the amount of S’s in it just provides you a run for your money. It is a difficult one to use in any type of circumstance and I attempt my ideal to continue to be away from it at all expenses. 5.25/10 difficulty aspect.

Number 5: Mississippi. This is one that might be said to be greater up on the list. It deserve to be, however because of the difficulty the next four words, Mississippi is inserted here. It isn’t easy by any indicates, it simply doesn’t host up to the following 4. 6.5/10 difficulty aspect.

Number 4: Systematic. A shocker below at number 4 as it doesn’t have a multitude of S’s or soft C’s. That “S” as the third letter really sneaks up on you once you say it, resulting in mayhem and also ditension for the rest of the word. 7/10 challenge aspect.

Number 3: Suspension. I struggle via this word even more than students struggle taking standardized tests. It is in no way, shape or create a basic or everywhere close to easy word to say. The amount of S’s and the repeated nature of them leads to a mind-boggling word of nothing. 8.5/10 difficulty aspect.

Number 2: Specificities. This word is immensely more challenging to pronounce than any type of of the abovementioned words. The S’s and also C’s that are offered in this word provides it practically impossible for those with a speech impediment to truly pronounce. 9.75/10 obstacle factor.

Number 1: Statistician. It provides me nightmares even pondering over this word. The close-quartered combat of the S and C in the middle of the word is detrimental to my mouth once I attempt to say it in any circumstance. I remain amethod from this word as a lot as a rabbit would continue to be ameans from a wolf. 10/10 difficulty aspect.

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Now I understand this is a lighthearted list and also it is meant to have some fun, yet that doesn’t suppose lessons can’t be taken. If you know someone through a speech impediment, don’t ask them to save repeating phrases or words for your amusement; it’s not funny, it is hurtful. As I was taught from a young age, if you have nopoint nice to say, don’t say anypoint at all.