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cody6268Bronze Tier
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What precisely is a "funny folder"? I"ve constantly thought of the knives such as this AG Rusmarket and the cheap giveaway knives of the "50s that preceded it as such. ... RUS-FF14TIBut tbelow are a few ordinary looking practice lockbacks presently being marketed as such below.

TwoFlowersLuggagePosts: 2961Joined: Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:18 pmLocation: Stuck in traffic on a highmeans in Southern California
I do not recognize what the "official" meaning is, but I think around fifty percent the knives marketed on ebay are absolutely weird sufficient to be dubbed a "funny folder". I recognize once I look at cr

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"The Luggage had actually a straightforward means of handling things between it and also its intfinished destination: it ignored them." -Terry Pratchett

treefarmerGold Tier
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cody6268,I"ve obtained an extremely equivalent "funny folder" choose the one in the video, of course it is much older. It has actually a firm name on the side, L.T.Dobey Co.,INC. Also stamped on the very same side is EXECUTIVE and also Made in USA. I mean it was an proclaiming item (bait). As you can view it has a shackle/bail that make the opening and closing a one means operation. Never before did figure just how old this thing is yet it appears AG Russell thinks it"s worth while. This one has a spear allude and has actually never been sharpened, it is about favor a butter knife. It actions 2 3/4" X 5/8" +/- closed, 4 3/8" open.Treefarmer

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I have actually similar proclaiming Funny Folders. Tbelow should have been a time as soon as fairly a couple of businesses bought these bearing their own name/logo design to provide to clients. Anyone know which manufacturer made these ?kj