It was a “Full House” on “The Tonight Sjust how Starring Jimmy Fallon” Tuesday night as soon as the late-night show was in Los Angeles for a week-long visit.

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Dressed up as presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Fallon sat in Michelle Tanner’s bed on a “Full House” collection that was made to look prefer an exact replica of the TV room that belonged to the character made renowned by the Olsen twins.

Visited initially by Bob Saget’s Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) then came into “baby Donald’s” bedroom. The “Full House” men were then joined by the remainder of the actors — which was all in L.A. for the premiere of “Fuller Housage, which was also held tonight — consisting of Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber and also Lori Loughlin.

“I was trying to have actually a heart-to-heart through my three dads until you males interrupted me. How rude,” Trump (Fallon) shelp once the Tanner girls came right into the bedroom.

Besides “exactly how rude,” theskit was packed through “Full House” catchphrases and also Trump jabs, consisting of lines alluding to his controversial comments on immigrants, his project slogan “Make Amerideserve to Great Again” and Danny Tanner providing his signature fatherly advice —“Remember, Donald, ifyou win and also become president, that’s good, however if you shed and don’t end up being president, we’ll be also prouder,”he shelp.

Much to the surprise of the “Tonight Show” audience, consisting of reporter, Uncle Jesse (Stamos) and also Aunt Becky (Loughlin) common a big smooch throughout the skit. Earlier in the day, Loughlin required to Twitter to celebrate the characters’ 25-year anniversary.

Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! 25 years!
JohnStamos#fullhouse#fullerresidence 🎊

— Lori Loughlin (
LoriLoughlin) February 15, 2016

Fallon and also the “Full House” men put on a comparable skit in beforehand 2014, though the late-night host was not playing Trump.

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“The Tonight Sjust how Starring Jimmy Fallon”is in L.A. all this week, and “Fuller House” debuts on Netflix on Feb. 26.

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