Fuck you windows

I am extremely frustrated! I adjusted the settings over a year back to tell jiyuushikan.org NOT to upday anypoint on my mechanism. Yet my computer system gives me warnings of an "critical" or "important" upday that it FORCES me into automatically on restart anyway! It ssuggest waits until I am shutting dvery own my system and also carry out a FORCED up date!! Or better yet it keeps asking till I am not about to speak the countdvery own. So first let us make sure I have actually whatever that deserve to be turned off, turned off correctly. Next just how execute I store "critical" and "important" updays from ever happening.And before you ask, please understand that I am NOT an IT expert, but perform work on computer systems and also OS difficulties. So "yes" I have currently went through Settings in both Control Panel and also Setups, and chosen NOT to have actually ANY updates. But, aget, jiyuushikan.org is overriding that and also still forcing the updays to take place on shutdowns or via a countdown timer.

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Replied on November 14, 2018

A. User
Replied on November 15, 2018
In reply to Polorboy01's short article on November 15, 2018

If anyone honestly thinks that anyone at jiyuushikan.org reads any of this ...

Of course they don"t - this is a community forum. If want to send a message straight to jiyuushikan.org, usage the Feedearlier app or any of the feedearlier links in the Setups application.

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Replied on November 24, 2018
In reply to Allan Mej's post on January 10, 2018


I like many type of others never desire to view an additional bloody upday aget, & yes this is an angry write-up.

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I have just wasted 3 hrs trying to acquire some occupational done.

I have actually not used this New MS Surchallenge Pro for the last 6 weeks, so the first thing it did was fetch & install a load of UNWANTED updates. I don"t care what brand-new features you have actually put in I don"t desire them.


The ONLY factor I still usage my surchallenge pro is for CAD work, the CADVERTISEMENT program we use is not excellent on a Mac.

The updates are still not finimelted, tright here are around 10 to go.

It has used over 50% of the battery ( I have actually left the charger at home) & acquired the machine really warm, turned off my anti virus, craburned in the middle of one reboot, put a message & a QR code up but these disshowed up while I gained my phone to review the QR Code & it then rebooted aacquire.

I have deferred updates yet they just obtain turned back on aacquire following month.

What I really object to is that you save rolling out updays that simply break so many points you do not carry out anypoint LIKE sufficient experimentation.

Last time I turned this crap machine on I finished up via a pack of updays that damaged the printer, the illustrations I had done are no great if I can not print them for problem to site. I ended up wasting the totality day on it & then having to rollago to construct 1709 after obtaining your technology support on the phone. After the roll ago I shed lots of work & had actually to re-install all my programs.

I will certainly NEVER buy another Windows machine & I have been a loyal user because Windows 3.1 I have always had a PC & likewise ran tablets, 5 laptop computers & a number of Windows Phones.

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These CONSTANT updays are the last straw & I will be returning this 6 month old Surface Pro for a remoney.