album: "The Great Southern Trendkill" (1996)

1. The Great Southern Trendkill2. War Nerve3. Drag The Waters4. 10"s5. 13 Steps To Nowhere6. Suicide Keep in mind Pt. I7. Suicide Note Pt. II8. Living Thturbulent Me (Hells" Wrath)9. Floods10. The Underground In America11. (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin

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1. The Great Southern Trendkill

It"s wearing on my mind,I"m speaking all my doubts aloudYou rob a dead mans grave,Then flaunt it like you did createIf I hit bottom and everypoints goneIn the good Mississippi, please drvery own me and runIt"s digging time again,you"re nurturing the weakest trendThose through the heart and also the brain to acquire previous thisCan spot a pathetic without also askingFuck your magazine,and fuck the lengthy dead plastic scenePierce a new hole,if Hell was "in" you"d provide your soulTHE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILLThat"s right,THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILLBuy it at a keep,from MTV to on the floorYou look just choose a star,it"s proof you do not know who you areIf I hit bottom and everypoints goneIn the good Mississippi, please drvery own me and runIt"s bullshit time aacquire,you"ll save the world within your trendThose with the heart and the brain to obtain past thisCan spot a pathetic without even askingPolitically relieved,you"re product offered and also well receivedThe best words spoken gold,if I was God you"d offer your spirit to...THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILLThat"s best,THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILL

2. War Nerve

Truly, fuck the human being,for all it"s worth,eextremely inch of planet Planet,fuck myself,don"t leave me out,yet don"t obtain involved,do not edge meInside, ulcer,unsimply bastards,file out confront firstMeet the lies and also watch what you are
It"s forcing you dvery own, and it"s grinding against youLet the war nerve breakFor every fucking second the pathetic media pisses on me andjudges what I am in one paragraph - Look below - Fuck you allExpect the worse,you bleeding heart,yet kill me firstprior to it starts,yes my cock is gaining difficult,we are born various after allInvite mayhem,produce tools,shoot out,burn downNo CNN or media now
All the money in the fucking civilization couldn"t buy me one second of trustor one ounce of belief in anything you"re aboutFuck you allNothing is worth the sleep that I"ve lostApologies unacceptable nowA blistered revenge awaits in meThis is fucking lovelessHateHate mail is not check out, in jail insteadHateThe Lord knows,there"s worseIgnore, this curseHate

3. Drag The Waters

A smack on the wrists is the words from the mouthof the outsiders, lawyers, policeA little price to pay for the dope and also the gunsand the rape, it must all be O.K.Your father is wealthy, he"s the judge, he"s the male,he"s the God that got your sentence reducedBut in the earlier of his mind, he well knows whathe"d find if he looked a small deeper in you - in youDrag the waters some moreLike never before beforeSweet is the slice and also the lips - you"re gonna have that womale -she is your favorite layPromised you (swore) that no one had been tright here,and she was going to store it that wayLet it relocate in, you gained thin, and obtained high, andyour money went and also so did your friendsBut she"s by your side, and also her smile cannot hidethe premonition of the beckoning finish - the endDrag the waters some moreLike never before beforeIn via it, out with it

4. 10"s

My skin is cold,Transfusion via somebodyMoclimbed and old,Drop right into fruitless dyingIt was tempting and also bared,The whoring angel risingNow burning prayers,My silent time of losingMy foes - they can"t damage my bodyColliding slow, prefer life itselfLong for the blur,We cannot dry much longerCement to dirt,Disgusted through my cheapnessMy foes - they can not ruin my bodyColliding sluggish, like life itselfReaching dvery own, staring up (at the forgiver)

5. 13 Steps To Nowhere

WhoresYour home windows boarded up,Your private stays exposedThe talk shows pump it up,Lab rats diseased for showWe"re doomed to use the slang,Outbreak of drug rouletteA church shed to the ground,Not even noticed yet13 Steps (To Nowhere)WhoresA backwards swastika,The babsence skin riddled in leadA Nazi Gangster Jew,It beats a dog that"s deadIt"s in to use the slang,Outbreak of gun rouletteThe cross slants to the side,Will prove the damnedest yet13 Steps - Leads to nowhereThe backlash dislocates,An untimely power of deathThe wolf poked with the stick,Awaits with cancerous breath(Leads to nowhere)Outsiders still suppose,There"s Divine roadways to roamThe reality need to not surprise,Your homes were constructed on lies13 Steps

6. Suicide Keep in mind Pt. I

Cheap cocaine, a dry inhale, the pills that kill and also take the pain awayDiet of life, sanctuary without, the face that cannot check out inside yours and also mine
When I"m hiding, when I need it,it allows me breathe,for our manage on this life, I do not believethis timeWould you look at me now?Can you tell I"m a man?With these scars on my wristsTo prove I"ll try againTry to die aacquire, attempt to live via this nightTry to die aget.....Forever before fooling, complimentary and making use of,sliding down the slide that breaks a willMothers angel, gaining smarter, exactly how smart are you to regress unfulfilled?It"s a damn shame, however who"s to blame?

7. Suicide Keep in mind Pt. II

Out of my mind,gun approximately the mouthNo pretension, execution, live and also learn , rape and turnFret not household,nor pre-judged armyThis is for me,and also me just, cowards onlyTry itDon"t you attempt to die, choose meIt"s livid and also it"s lies and also makes gravesGraves descending downIt"s not worth the time to attempt, to replenish a rotting lifeI"ll end the difficulty, encountering nothing, fuck you off, fuck you allTortured history, addict of misery, this exposes mefor weakness is a magnet - watch me carry out itWhy would certainly you assist anyone who doesn"t want it,doesn"t require it, doesn"t desire your shit adviceas soon as a mind"s comprised to go ahead and also die?What"s done is done and gone, so why cry?

8. Living Thturbulent Me (Hells" Wrath)

I cannot take the take,your condition was nod awakeA selfish cryer, boldchallenge liar,robbing all of what you might take inStabbed in the direction of a fatality,a dirty smelling girlShit decisions, no provisions,filling veins through juice of chaosPainted challenge, olive drab, swollen hole, empty bag,sunken eyes, whining dog,it"s times prefer this you have to pray for neverI broke your fucking moldthen threw away the cast,brand-new faith and also new provisions,it"s impressive you"re aliveDrop the needle and sheight what you"re transforming intoErase the finish dissolving, disgrace is needed moreSo I mfinished severed ties,via flesh we cauterizedthe undeserving, sliming, writhing,I filled you up through watered promiseSpitting teeth, oral lust, alley fuck,angel dust, anal whore, bleeding knees,it"s times choose this to pray for murderSo now I"ve seen it all,Hells" wrath,no male has better glory,cause now you"re living with meSo I"m done through conserving you,a gift unto myself,a worn down savior, a wasted favor,and also I"m lucky I"m aliveI damaged your fucking moldthen threw away the cast

9. Floods

A dead worry,don"t wrestle through it,deaf ears are sleepingA guilty bliss,so inviting (let me in),naibrought about the crossI feel you, relate to you, accusage youWash away us all,take us with the floodsThen throughout the night, they were raped and executedCold hearted worldYour language unheard of,the huge sound of tuning outThe rash of negativityis seen one sid edly,burn amethod the dayThe nervous, the drifting, the heavingWash ameans us all, take us through the floodsThen throughout the day mansort played through grenadesCold hearted worldAnd at night they could bait the pentagramExtinguishing the sunWash amethod male, take him through the floods

10. The Underground In America

Placed in place to wage teenage mayhemA widespread affair for the ones that are juicedIf it is weakness that grants us the powerWe thrive on what"s stronger than the majority of of the worldGlass breaksthe dimming lightssweat, warm and also profane debatethe smart ones stay on the outsidewhile drunken heads and arms eruptfocused guy swings a punch,spits a tooth, postures odda punk rock escapadefive bucks a head to be king dick in the crowdWe are the ones who need to sport the positioncheap beertrendy clickslesbian love is welcomed and rightshaved heads satisfy hair in the mixblending the 80"s and also 90"s through hatePut in place to wage teenage mayhemA widespread affair for the ones who are juicedIf it is weakness that grants us the powerWe grow on what"s more powerful than most of the worldShows ondays canceledkicked out for factors that seem so unfairskin crusts against the copsa foregone conclusion that"s worn down and beatRingworm,crabs and liceV.D.

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ecstasy, speed and also horsea heaven of unrivaled importancean honor of sex to be stuck by the punkRich dwellings with money and also foodabandoned for the bums on the streeta lifestyle that"s unexplainabledon"t try and also conserve what is all supposed to bePlaced in position to wage teenage mayhemA common affair for the ones who are juicedIf it is weakness that grants us the powerWe thrive on what"s more powerful than most of the worldIf it is freefrom (a) family members that"s seenyou deserve to simply keep itif you should begit"s better insteadyou should follow the etiquetteYou understand as soon as it rains you"re in your bed at homeYou act so actual when you are aloneYou better not let the mohawked crowd seeGive it 5 years, you"ll retire your piercingsYou need to admit that you mimic the weaklings

11. (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin

Scrape it, grind it, peel it, hide itThe trfinish is over and gone foreverShelf it, box it, conserve it, frame itYou will not need that anyeven more,it"s on sale at the fucken dollar storeWaste of time,pantomime,circus doll,at the regional mallExterminate, it"s all fake!Exterminate, it"s all fakeSandblast yourselfSandblast yourselfSandblastSandblastIt"s getting old, old, old