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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels are prevalent fixtures in commercial kitchens bereason they are designed to repel stains, bacteria, mold, and mildew development. These panels are also favored in kitchen atmospheres bereason they tend to be extremely resilient and also easy to install on ceilings and also walls.

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But as beneficial as FRP wall panels deserve to be in a kitchen, they perform have actually their limitations, among the largest being that they are not immune to dust and also dirt buildup. Thanktotally, FRP wall panels are conveniently cleaned using fundamental cleaning agents. In this guide, you’ll learn how to clean FRP panels properly, so your kitchen workarea have the right to pass wellness inspections with ease.

7 Steps to Cleaning FRP Panels

Materials Needed:

2 bucketsLiquid soapLatex glovesSponge or soft brushClean cloths or rags

Step 1: Fill one bucket through ½ gallon of warm water and include to it ½ cup of liquid soap. Put on the latex gloves and also stir the liquid soap into the water making use of the sponge or soft scrub brush until suds are developed. Fill the second bucket through ½ gallon of warmth water and also collection it aside.

Step 2: Move any kind of kitchen tools, furniture, or accessories far enough ameans from the FRP wall panels to permit sufficient space for cleaning them.

Tip 3: Dip the sponge or soft scrub brush in the soapy bucket and wring out the excess liquid. Start scrubbing one FRP wall panel area at a time using the soapy sponge or brush. Re-dip the sponge or scrub brush in the mixture as crucial and repeat the procedure of wringing out the excess liquid and scrubbing the panel until the wall panel section is clean. If the panel has stains that won’t come up making use of the soapy water, spray the stain through a general-function cleaner and let it stand also for five to ten minutes, then scrub the stained area strongly making use of the damp sponge or scrub brush.

Tip 4: In the bucket via clean heat water, dip a clean cloth or rag and also wring out the excess water. Use the damp towel to wipe the FRP wall panel you simply cleaned. This will certainly remove the dirt that’s been lifted and any type of mixture residue. Depending on just how dirty the wall was, you may should rinse the fabric and also repeat to thoaround rerelocate everything from the surconfront.

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Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4, advancing one panel at a time, till every FRP panel is cleaned.

Step 6: Use clean, dry cloths to remove any leftover moisture from the panels.

Tip 7: Return the moved kitchen devices, furniture, and accessories back to their original positions.

Save Time and also Money on Cleaning – Hire the Pros at SDI

Cleaning a commercial kitchen not just takes most time, it takes an competent hand. This is one area wbelow you don’t want to danger your investment bereason improper cleaning not just renders for an extra dangerous work-related environment, it can cause an eating or drinking facility to challenge costly fines and also various other penalties.

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To ensure your kitchen is safe, sanitary, and also compliant through all code demands, hire the professionals at SDI. With us, Quality is Job #1! Call us today at 800-794-2345 to schedule a free kitchen inspection and let us put our specialization to job-related for you.