Free ringtones for note 5

It might seem evident exactly how to adjust a ringtone on your phone, but exactly how do you add brand-new ones? Let’s walk through exactly how to add and change ringtones on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Open the Settings application on your Keep in mind 5 and also swipe to the Device pane.Tap on Sounds and also Notifications then Ringtones and Sounds.Tap on Ringtone.You’re given a list of ringtones that come pre-installed on your Galaxy Keep in mind 5. Tap on any kind of of them to preview the ringtone. At the bottom of the list, you’ll find the Add Ringtone selection where you can include your very own songs to use as ringtones. This opens the sound picker, where you’re offered the option to pick from any audio on your device to usage as the ringtone.Once you’ve found a song or audio clip you want to usage as your ringtone, tap Done at the height best.

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Ringtones deserve to additionally be set on a per-call basis so that a certain ringtone plays when that perchild calls:

Open the the contact either through the Phone app or the Contacts app.Navigate to the call and also tap Edit at the height of the screen.Tap Ringtone and also select the ringtone you would choose to use for this call.Tap Save.

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