Here"s wbelow to discover Fortbyte #34 "discovered between a fork and also a knife" in "Fortnite: Battle Royale."

Credit: Epic / Erik Kain

With just over a week left in the seakid, and simply a pair days left before the Utopian obstacle reward, the Selfhood skin, unlocks, we are right into our last days of the Fortbyte challenges.

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Fortbytes are one of the finest enhancements to Season 9, and also I really hope we obtain somepoint prefer them in Season 10. It"s fun to have a day-to-day scavenger hunt, yet likewise to unlock bytes by completing weekly challenges. It keeps things amazing, particularly in a seakid via fewer similar difficulties.

Today"s Fortbyte #34 takes us to one of the many iconic places on the Fortnite map: The huge fork and also knife near Fatal Fields, a play on the game"s nickname, Fork-knife.

Here"s wright here you"ll find Fortbyte #34:

Head to the tunnel connecting the 2 indented silverware landmarks and also be careful. When I flew down tbelow I think tbelow were 2 dozen other players. It was bloody chaos.

You"ll want to uncover the tunnel connecting the fork and also the knife in order to nab Fortbyte #34. Don"t concern, you don"t need any type of one-of-a-kind emotes, skins or sprays in order to get it. Just land also, remain alive, connect via the Fortbyte and also run for your life (or snag a pair cheap eliminations).

In various other Fortnite news, the new Airstrike item simply landed in the game this day. I haven"t played through it yet yet it sounds fun, at least if it"s anypoint choose the comparable hero power in Apex Legends.

At the same time, the final 14 Days Of Summer obstacle dropped yesterday: Destroy grills with the Low n" Slow harvesting tool. We have actually a overview for that appropriate here.

Don"t concern, you still have actually just over 6 days to finish all the Summer obstacles and earn all the free rewards they provide upon completion.

Best of luck dvery own tbelow, young padawans! May the pressure of others be via you.

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