This week's challenges aren't too difficult for the average player, although, you might need some guidance if you're not too familiar with the Fortnite map. As usual, if you need it, we're always happy to help with our weekly Battle Pass guide below. 

New with this week, our Voiceover Artist, Daniel "TheSavedOne" Menna has put together a video of himself going through the challenges and completing them. Feel free to provide feedback via our Twitter:


Free Challenges

Stages 1-5: Land at ___ - 5 Battle stars

Stage 1: Loot LakeStage 2: Lucky LandingStage 3: Salty SpringsStage 4: Lonely LodgeStage 5: Haunted Hills

Straightforward and easy challenge as usual. Just land at each location after jumping out of the Battle Bus. If you have a launch pad, using it and landing at any of the locations will count towards this challenge’s completion as well.

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Search (7) Chests at Polar Peak or Lonely Lodge - 5 Battle Stars


Here is a map of all the volcano vents in the game. Completing this challenge is monumentally simple. You don’t even need to touch the ground after jumping out of the Battle Bus, you can just skydive at a vent, and then glide over to the next vent until it’s completed.

We would suggest completing this challenge and the “dance between four hotsprings” challenge in the same game.

Battle Pass Challenges

Stages 1-3: Dance between _________ - 5 Battle Stars

Here’s a map of all the dance locations:


The fastest way to complete this challenge is to land at each location, dance there, and then find some way to eliminate yourself. However, there’s nothing stopping you from rotating to each spot too. 

Deal (500) damage to opponents from below - 5 Battle Stars

Dealing damage to opponents from below is kind of a double-edged sword. While it means you won’t have to build as much (meaning you don’t have to engage in the most skill-based portion of Fortnite), it also means you’re playing from a disadvantageous position most of the time. The video above covers some really good tips for this challenge, but if you don’t want to watch a 6 minute video, here’s some of the key points:

Enemies who have the high ground on you generally have a hard time aiming straight downTake advantage of this - if you have to fight an enemy above you, run as close to him as possibleIf he really wants to get you, he’ll either have to jump down or take a bad peekThere are a couple of cool jump peeks you can do as wellOne is where you run and jump backwards, and aim upOne is where you jump off a ramp to the side, and flick to the right directionThese are a bit more difficult to pull off though, and be careful if you’re jumping off a rampBe ready to place a floor underneath you to catch your fallThe video above shows clearer demonstrations of these peeksLast but not least, always be ready to build floors and pyramids above you to block enemy fire in case he gets an angle on you that you don’t expect

Revive a teammate at a Reboot Van - 10 Battle Stars


Here is a map of all Reboot Van locations, nearly all major points of interest include a Reboot Van spawn.

When squad members are eliminated they now drop their Reboot Card, which can be collected by other squad members and taken to a Reboot Van to revive the teammate. You must not be in a Solos, Big Team Limited Time, or any mode with respawns enabled for Reboot Vans to be active.

Eliminate an opponent in (5) different matches - 10 Battle Stars

The most efficient method to completing this Challenge would be to land where the most loot and players are. High-traffic locations with good loot such as the following will prove to be good choices:

Tilted TowersRetail RowPleasant Park

Generally for new players, the best way to do this is land on top of a chest or loot spawn, grab a weapon, and shoot down the nearest enemy before he has a chance to loot and retaliate. For more experienced players, you can definitely take your time looting a bit more so you have better tools and more resources to deal with enemies.

If you struggle with this Challenge, worry not! We have created many guides on our YouTube Channel with tips and strategies aimed at new and old users who would like to improve their skills.

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Discovery Challenge

Here is the Season 8 Week 9 Loading Screen:

A Battle Star can be found at the front of the Viking Ship located on the Viking Mountain near Polar Peak.