The Fortnite: Battle Royale Seakid 8 alternate to the ongoing Snowloss obstacles just kicked off Thursday morning with the start of the new seaboy. Dubbed “Discoexceptionally,” these challenges are a slight variation on previous comparable jobs via the exact same end goal: a mystery fight star.

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Before, players would certainly have to finish all seven difficulties from a particular week to unlock a particular loading screen that had a one-of-a-kind clue sending them to an enigma area wright here they can case a prize. The new process is simply as convoluted and just slightly different.

Discoexceptionally obstacles require players to finish all the difficulties from any kind of week to unlock the first loading display and also therefore access to that key. The difference here hardly matters for the more hardcore players, yet for anyone who waits until the finish of the seakid to finish all their difficulties and case their prizes, the whole thing becomes simply a little bit simpler.

After visiting all the piprice camps, usage volcano vents, visit giant deals with and complete the various other four challenges, you’ll unlock the following loading screen.


This features a middle-tier Blackheart pirate on the ship in a brand-new called place referred to as Lazy Lagoon just west of the volcano. (You can tell this by the color of the water.) This specific electronic camera angle deals with southeast from the front of the ship. The structures on the shore, consisting of the tower with the trick fight star on it, are on the eastern side of the area.

For anyone that needs particular guidance, the video at the optimal of this short article from YouTuber garandhero provides a succinct and exceptionally clear guide. (Be sure to check out his YouTube page for also more Fortnite videos).

Here’s a map that will also help, however just go to the extremely top of the tallest structure in the area to find the trick fight star.

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It’s still just the initially day of Seaboy 8, but recognize that the seakid is presently schedubrought about finish on Wednesday, May 8. So players have precisely 69 days left to finish at leastern one full week of challenges to obtain access to this Discoextremely obstacle. Nice.