Here’s a guide on exactly how to complete Fortnite Chapter 2 Seachild 7 Week 1 & 2 obstacles in order to earn XP to level up and also unlock interesting rewards.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Seaboy 7 has released worldwide and added a tonne of map changes, tools, the capacity to cancel Shakedvery own, and also even more, in addition to a bunch of bug fixes and also improvements. In addition to this, a brand new Battle Pass is currently obtainable, consisting of a whole brand-new series of rewards. Players can level up in the Battle Pass in order to unlock assorted in-game items, and the simplest way to perform it is by completing weekly obstacles. Here is just how you deserve to finish the Fortnite Chapter 2 Seachild 7 Week 1 and also Week 2 difficulties to get a head begin.

How to finish Fortnite Seakid 7 Week 1 Challenges

(Picture: Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 2 Seakid 7 Week 1 function a full of salso difficulties that players have the right to complete to earn 210k XP. These challenges revolve about dealing damage, collecting weapons, upgrading them and more.

You deserve to finish Week 1 obstacles by doing these tasks:

Collect different weapon forms (5): 30,000 XPSearch chests at Steamy Stags or Craggy Cliffs (7): 30,000 XPDeal damage with the Pulse Rifle (500): 30,000 XPElimicountry through the Rail Gun (1): 30,000 XPAccept a quest from a payphone (1): 30,000 XPUpgrade weapons at upgrade benches (3): 30,000 XPBuy a shield potion from a Mending Machine (1): 30,000 XP

How to complete Fortnite Seakid 7 Week 2 Challenges

(Picture: Epic Games)

As with Week 1, Fortnite Seakid 7 Week 2 also includes seven challenges regarding in search of various points, visiting areas and more.

You deserve to complete Week 2 difficulties by finishing up these tasks:

Search chests at Corny Complex or Lazy Lake (7): 30,000 XPExplosive damage to opponents or opponent structure (500): 30,000 XPCollect spray cans from warehouse in DirtyDocks or gareras in Pleasant Park (2): 30,000 XPDestroy equipment at satellite stations (15): 30,000 XPSeach for graffiti-extended wall at Hydro 16 or close to Catty Corner (1): 30,000 XPVisit different called locations in a solitary match (5): 30,000 XPGet in a UFO (1): 30,000 XP

You can have actually a look at the rewards you will be gaining in Fortnite Seakid 7 Battle Pass, together with the patch notes and various other details.

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