A totality new chop ofFortniteWeek 5 obstacles have actually just sprouted! Salso new bonus objectives display up eextremely Thursday morning for the Battle Pass crowd, and also this week is no exemption as challenges arrive ranging from opening loot chests in specific places to searching dvery own treacertain based off a mystery map.

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Several of the "hard" designations are a tiny strange this week, though. For instance, it will certainly more than likely take you much longer to find a legendary bush drop (which isn"t a "hard" challenge) than it will to gain three kills in Tilted Towers, which is constantly swarming via players trying to find loot.

These are all the FortniteSeason 3 Week 5 difficulties now easily accessible in Battle Royale matches:

Use the Bush one time (5 Battle Points)Search 7 Loot Chests in Moisty Mire (5 Battle Points)Deal 200 damage through a Pickaxe to enemies (5 Battle Points)Hard: Follow the treacertain map discovered in Anarchy Acres to the Battle Star (10 Battle Points - watch overview below)Hard: Get 3 Pistol Eliminations (10 Battle Points)Hard: Eliminate 3 opponents in Tilted Towers (10 Battle Points)

Below, we cover exactly wbelow to find the Anarchy Acres treasure map and how to decipher its scribblings to discover the surprise Battle Star treasure!

Finding the Anarchy Acres Treasure Map (thanks to DooM Clan for the screenshot)

Fortnite Week 5 Anarchy Acres Treasure Map

The Week 5 difficulty treacertain map itself isn"t that tough to uncover. Just land also at Anarchy Acres (a personal favorite spot of mine to drop, by the method, given that it has actually plenty of loot, good hiding spots, and isn"t commonly filled via other players), and look for a shack at the edge of the location. The map is sitting on a sign write-up between the two walls.

The map itself is sort of obscure, and the red X close to a hill does not really seem to suggest a clear area ... except for the llama in the upper-left map corner. Remember a few weeks earlier exactly how there was a difficulty to land also at large structures shaped prefer a fox, a crab, and also a llama? That"s the massive hint right here.

The llama building was at the much northwest corner of the Battle Royale play location north of Junk Junction, which is the direction you want to head. The Battle Star treacertain isn"t actually at the llama, though; as the map indicates, it is found to the south.

Head south from there (and also west of Junk Junction) to uncover the Battle Star close to a hill wright here a huge rocking is sitting on the ground. Remember that, as with all the maps, the Star actually won"t generate until you obtain cshed to it, so run roughly a little if it isn"t automatically visible.

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Due to the fact that the Star is so cshed to the edge of the map, you might desire to skip finding the treacertain map totally and also rather simply go right to Junk Junction. If you grab the map first, the storm will virtually absolutely have closed in prior to you can run all the way over to the northwest edge of the Battle Royale map (although this likewise means there will not be any kind of snipers waiting for you).

Fortnite Anarchy Acres Treacertain Map Location

That"s all you need to recognize to finish the Anarchy Acres treasure map challenge! Need assist completing any kind of otherFortniteSeachild 3 content? Check out our other latestFortniteguides below, including the various other Week 5 challenges: