Angelina and also Brad were great while they lasted. But remember the saying: “Behind eextremely beautiful woguy, there is a male sick of resting with her.” Well, ain’t that the truth.

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jiyuushikan.orge on, guys, they were great while they lasted. The lovey-dovey eyes in Mr and also Mrs Smith, the corresponding babsence outfits in every airport they glided through, the Vanity Fair covers.

But hang on, what’s that saying again? Behind every beautiful woguy, there is a male sick of resting via her. Well, ain’t that the fact.

Two things that struck me as soon as I read the news of the Jolie/Pitt split:

1) Once a cheater, constantly a cheater

2) It doesn’t matter exactly how beautiful/sexy/thin or how stunning your wardrobe is, or that you REALLY are the World’s Most Beautiful Woguy, your husband will certainly still probably (ALLEGEDLY) sleep with someone else.

Pitt cheated on previous wife Jennifer Aniston for his then-co-star Angelina Jolie. Now he is being accprovided of cheating on Jolie for French actor Marion Cotillard. And so it proceeds. The merry-go-round of huguy actions.

(And to be a fly on the wevery one of Aniston’s home ideal now. Karma’s a bitch, right Jen?)

I understand men pretty well. They pay me an awful lot of money for me to listen to their problems and nod in the best places. Escort? Yes. Overpaid psychologist? Most absolutely.


Samantha X understands what men desire. (Pic: Supplied)

I hear their little tricks, insecurities and also truths, and also the one thing I’ve learnt is that if the sacred seal of monogamy has been broken, it cannot be sealed over. In other words, if he has cheated on someone to be with you, he will certainly deceive you also.

It doesn’t issue exactly how image perfect your resides are, and how the kids are dressed in Ralph Lauren or that you head to Aspen every Easter. Men simply can’t aid themselves. (And woguys aren’t perfect, but that’s one more story).

It is not sufficient to be beautiful. Some of my clients’ wives are the type of woguys that have it all, from the tennis coached body to the huge rock on her finger to the high-powered career. They gain dinner parties through various other couples and also summers in St Tropez. She is a great wife, they have actually a great life, and he, well, he will constantly sometimes sleep with other woguys.

Whether she knows or cares, or is doing it herself, is another concern. But the suggest is, males simply can’t aid themselves.

I met with a customer the various other day. Tall, blond and also handsome, he was on his second marriage. The initially wife (let’s contact her Jennifer) he left for a slimmer, even more perfect variation (let’s contact her Angelina). Now, he jiyuushikan.orgplained, Angelina was rapid jiyuushikan.orging to be ex wife number 2. While he couldn’t really define what the issue was, I might. It wasn’t amazing anyeven more. It wasn’t the exact same. In various other words: same shit, various perboy. Tright here goes truth...

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It doesn’t issue if you’re as beautiful as Angelina Jolie — men tend to stray. (Pic: Getty Images)

Be very, incredibly cautious if you prise a male off someone else’s arm. He will execute it to you, he will certainly.

Having a good body and striking challenge may capture someone’s eye however it won’t stop them from cheating on you.

I recognize a lot of womales in the sex sector, and also I am constantly acquiring snippets of gossip around such-and-such celebrity going to a brothel (once he has actually a beautiful design wife at home). Or a client booking one of my Angels and also guess what — he was a affluent and also well known Hollytimber celebrity with a jaw-dropping wife at home. (No, it wasn’t Brad Pitt).

In other words: guys cheat on gorgeous women all the time. And looks have nopoint to carry out via it.

When men contact me up wanting to book among my females, they seldom — if at all — ask for a girl that is beautiful. Instead, I gain “mature”, “curvy”, “natural” and “friendly”. Confidence wins over thin thighs 110 per cent of the time, womanly curves preside over skinny, a genuine smile over silicone.

Men don’t stray because of YOU. They don’t stray because you’re not perfect or if you ARE perfect. You might have sex via them eexceptionally day in a bed made from white silk sheets and also prepare them a roast after that, yet if they want to periodically go elsewhere for a bit of How’s Your Father, they will certainly. Even if you’re Angelina bloody Jolie.

Samantha X is a journalist and writer turned high-profile escort

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