Check out our discussion overview to use high college classrooms to accompany the Academy Award nominated documentary (available in English and also Spanish).

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Do human being can understand what is in their food? Should providers have the ability to own the DNA contained in plant seeds? When deciding what to eat, how a lot need to we take into consideration the workers that pick, procedure, and also transport our food?

These are some of the questions high college students are encouraged to think about in the new Food, Inc. Discussion Guide, arisen by the Center for Ecoproficiency and also released by Participant Media, the Los Angeles-based entertainment firm that produced An Inconvenient Truth, Darhair Now, and also The Kite Jogger.


This teacher"s overview is a companion to the Academy Award-nominated documentary Food, Inc., which takes an essential look at the industrialization of our country"s food supply. Participant Media developed the film in participation through River Road Entertainment and Magnolia Pictures.

"Food, Inc. has actually helped launch a vivid national conversation about the future of food and farming in America," states Michael Pollan, bestselling writer of In Defense of Food: An Eater"s Manifesto and also The Omnivore"s Dilemma. "Now the Center for"s inhandy teacher"s overview will help to bring that conversation right into the classroom."

The 102-web page overview offers concerns and activities about the film"s themes, including wellness, sustainability, pet welfare, and also workers" rights. It is designed to aid high school students make more thoughtful options about food and participate in a coherent dialogue about food and food units.

"This resource demonstprices how to make selections that promote well-being by honoring nature"s means of sustaining life," says Zenobia Barlow, cofounder and executive director of the Center for Ecoproficiency.

The overview suggests concerns to promote crucial thinking and also expertise of complex issues. Rather than present particular points of watch, the conversation questions are designed to assist students examine the concerns through a deeper expedition of their own reasoning.

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Downfill the Food, Inc, Discussion Guide in EnglishPDF <1.7mb>

Downpack the Food, Inc. Discussion Guide in SpanishPDF <1.7mb>

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