Flashlight keeps turning on android

When the flashlight is turned "on", the flashlight symbol in the condition bar gets highlighted.

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When I am turning "on" the flashlight, it is remaining on for at some time and it immediately gets switched off all of a sudden after some time, however the symbol in the status bar still continues to be highlighted, which shows that the flashlight is turned on. Same point happens for the front flashlight.

Can anybody say what can be the reason for this automatic and random turning off of the flashlight ?

Further information : Tright here is no solved time interval for the automatic switch off, it is occuring randomly.

stock-jiyuushikan.org flashlight
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I have acquired a technique to address this issue.

I have actually booted my phone right into recoextremely mode and wiped jiyuushikan.org"s cache partition from tright here. Due to the fact that then, the flashlight concern appears to have actually flvery own amethod.I suppose, currently the flashlight is not automatically turning itself off.

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Zillinium, I think you need to likewise try this strategy to attend to your problem. If that does not job-related, a system upday or manufacturing facility reset might carry out the trick, if tright here is no hardware difficulty.

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