Flash player keeps crashing firefox

Sometimes I usage Firefox to open up a webweb page with flash animations or videos, often prompting "Adobe flash player plugin has actually crashed", animations or videos cannot be played, cshedding Firefox and also opening it is still the very same. Why does this happen? Firefox is mostly not compatible via flash player. They belengthy to different carriers and are constantly upgrading, which is at risk to compatibility troubles.

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Adobe flash player keeps crashing in Firefox in 4 ways: disable flash player plugin to proccasion crash, disable Firefox protection, disable flash player hardware acceleration, and also update the latest variation of flash player. Let's start by modifying the Firefox configuration.

I, Solution one that Shockwave flash player keeps crashing in Firefox

1. Type about:config in the Firefox address bar, press Enter on your key-board to open the "State-of-the-art Preferences" home window, as displayed in Figure 1:


Figure 1

2. Click "Accept the Risk and Continue". If you perform not want to be triggered aobtain next time, you can uninspect "Warn me when I attempt to accessibility these preferences".

3. Copy dom.ipc.plugins.flash.subprocess.crashreporter.enabled to the address bar and uncover it, as presented in Figure 2:


Figure 2

4. Click "Toggle", and its value will certainly readjust from true to false(as presented in Figure 3), which likewise disables the crashreporter of flash player plugin in Firefox.


Figure 3

II, Equipment two that Shockwave flash player keeps crashing in Firefox: Modify the configuration and also disable the protection sandbox technology

1. Open the following folders according to various Windows systems:

Windows 32-little bit system: C:windowssystem32macromedflash

Windows 64-little bit system: C:windowssyswow64macromedflash

2. Open the mms.cfg file with Notepad and add ProtectedMode=0 at the finish, that is(check out Figure 4):



Figure 4

3. Finally conserve it. If it cannot be saved, it is because the presently logged in user does not have actually permission, you have the right to copy the file to one more disk and modify it before overwriting the original file; or usage the administrator user to log in to modify. After making the adjust, open Firefox and also usage flash play to view the video to test that if it will crash.

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The over two options of Firefox flash player crash are more efficient, you deserve to try initially.

III, Systems 3 that Shockwave flash player keeps crashing in Firefox: Disable flash hardware acceleration

1. Open a flash video via Firefox, right-click the video and choose "Settings", as shown in Figure 5:


Figure 5

2. Open "Adobe Flash Player Settings" dialog box, click "Enable hardware acceleration" to remove the examine note in front of it(Figure 6), and click "Close" to cshed the dialog box.


Figure 6

3. Cshed all home windows of Firefox and reopen to test.

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IV, Solution four that Shockwave flash player keeps crashing in Firefox: install the latest variation of flash player

Although this is extremely basic, it is not necessarily effective; but you have the right to try it, because the latest version of the flash player is not downloaded, it will likewise update itself; after downloading and installing, the difficulty might be fixed, tright here is no solution, and also you deserve to use the over approaches aget.