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Fitlittle bit might be gradually advancing right into smartwatch territory, however its merry band also of fitness trackers is still wbelow the firm makes its hay.

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With a raising household for you to select from, though, and also the freshly released Alta HR currently in contention, it can be tough to decide which is the right tool for you to strap onto your wrist.

jiyuushikan.org verdict: Fitlittle Alta | Fitbit Flex 2

Two renowned options for those looking to pick up their initially tracker are the Fitbit Flex 2 and Fitlittle bit Alta, but both offer various attributes and deindications for you to take benefit of.

Which is best for you? Read on for our comparison of the two trackers.

Fitbit Alta v Fitlittle bit Flex 2: Design


Unchoose the Fitbit Blaze or Charge 2, neither of these trackers takes up an enormous amount of wrist real estate. Both also carry out an superior project of continuing to be unobtrusive thanks to the curved architecture.

But while continuing to be fairly skinny at 15mm, the Alta does protrude more because of the significant style distinction between the two: the display. It looks eexceptionally little bit prefer your typical fitness tracker, through a little 128 x 36, 1.4-inch OLED screen sitting in the middle of a quick-release band.


The Flex 2, on the various other hand, is also less noticeable. It"s likewise slimmer than its predecessor thanks to the tracking module being 30% smaller sized, and also a suitable fit for those looking to camouflage tracking exploits through a pendant or bangle.

Alta bands come in 3 sizes to fit wrists of 14–17 cm, 17–20.6 cm and 20.6–23.6 cm, while switching out is really straightforward. The personality isn"t restricted to the Alta, though, with the Flex 2 additionally receiving plenty of customisation options.

One point that offers the Flex 2 the leg-up in this department is its waterproof design, permitting you to wear it roughly the clock. The Alta does not market the exact same smarts, unfortunately, definition you"ll be popping it off to shower or swim.

Overall, these are two minimalist designs that pair nicely with rugged and smart attire. And many thanks to their customisation, maintaining the tracking fresh is constantly an choice.

Fitlittle bit Alta v Fitlittle Flex 2: Features

With the significant architecture distinction coming through the display, you"ll interact with each gadget in incredibly different methods.

If you"re rocking the Alta on your wrist, you"ll be complimentary to check the time or notifications via a flick of the wrist. With this additionally comes the option to customise the confront via five vertical or five horizontal clock choices. To store an eye on your progression, you"ll have to tap on the display screen and also resolve some minor inconsistency.

Notifications on the Flex 2 are an completely different animal, and you"ll have to get provided to LEDs if you hope to have actually any idea when you"re receiving a text and once you"re being reminded to relocate.

Annoyingly, the 5 lights can not be personalised to your liking, definition you"ll have to resolve Fitbit"s default pattern to identify between notifications. There"s likewise no assistance for third-party.

To track your progress, you"ll have to take note of how many kind of white lights are illuminated on the band. The even more white lights that illuminate on the band, the closer you are to your taracquire. It sounds fairly straightforward, but things obtain a small messy when you feel a vibrating buzz at the wrist and also watch a colour flash as much as signal that someone is trying to get in touch.

The bottom line: the Alta"s display will certainly have you looking at your phone a tiny much less, but neither is giving you totally fledged assistance.

Fitlittle Alta v Fitlittle bit Flex 2: Activity tracking


What you"ll get from both of these devices is pretty basic task tracking. To be clear: neither is going to replace a running smartwatch.

Both are qualified of tracking steps, distance, calories melted, active minutes, hourly activity and sleep with the SmartTrack attribute. This means your gadget will understand once you"re walking, running, on the bike indoor or outdoor, taking on an aerobic workout or playing a sport choose basketball, soccer or tennis.

But while they might show up to market the very same on paper, we discovered the Flex 2 to be slightly even more dependable in tracking through experimentation. While it was able to keep up via the likes of the Apple Watch Series 2 without any worries, the Alta was uncovered to be more sensitive once it concerned counting actions.

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Sleep tracking, while fundamental and not completely on the mark on either device, is likewise a much less comfortable experience on the Alta because of the display screen light popping up.

When it pertains to swimming, the Flex 2 may only offer fundamental tracking, but it"s the just gadget in the Fitlittle bit selection to allow this. It have the right to be worn approximately 50m (consisting of in saltwater) while keeping tabs on duration and also four strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.

Unfortunately, people trying to find more advanced metrics will be required to look previous this duo — there"s no GPS, optical heart monitor or stair climbing here.

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More Fitbit

Fitlittle bit Flex 2 v Fitbit Alta: Battery life

In regards to battery life, the five-day juice of the Flex 2 is surprisingly mediocre. Of course, this is all relative to just how you"re making use of the tracker, however roughly seven or even more days would be solid for a device that does not rely on display notifications.

Speaking of which, around a week is precisely what the Alta delivered during our trial and error making it the much longer lasting Fitbit of the 2.

Fitbit Alta v Fitlittle bit Flex 2: Price

Yes, the all-crucial price point. While elaborate features and also shiny lights are all well and also great, this deserve to often be what pressures you to select in between devices.

In the situation of these 2 trackers, there"s additionally a relatively big gap considering both are mid selection. While the Flex 2 will collection you earlier $99.95, the screen-packing Alta will leave a $129.95 hole in your back pocket.

Fitbit Alta v Fitlittle bit Flex 2: Verdict

To Flex or to Alta, that"s the predicament you face.

Both devices perform a good task of accomplishing what they set out, and that"s giving you through an development into the fitness tracking game. Sure, there are other gadgets out there that have the right to perform more if you"re willing to shell out the cash, yet basic stats are below in a comfortable, stylish and customisable package.

For swimmers or world searching for the most discreet option accessible, the Flex is the clear option here. But for those searching for slightly even more from the notifications and battery department, and also a maker that fits the more typical fitness tracker mould, the Alta is worth the additional money.