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David I from Summit NjInterelaxing that he states he “wiburned we had actually played the music a tiny more powerful, I wished I really would have acquired what I wanted."If you listen to the variation on the album “Wrote a song for everyone,” he really does that. Even even more powerful than the original, which is saying a lot. Et from OrrstralyiaOne of the saddest songs of all time for me. It have to of fittingly been the LAST SONG on the MARDI GRAS album,their ( CCR ) epitaph, perhaps even the entirety world/mankind the method it"s going.Paun from Badovinci, YugoslaviaYou know what"s , let say, interesting: john in song claims :" Think it was September, year when i went away" , and by that , he is in some means predicted Tom"s (his brothers"s ) fatality. Tom died in September. I think.Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaI love Fogherty"s voice on this one, it"s incredibly pure. I"ve never before skilled my Mum and Dad breaking up, however I have the right to watch what you mean Andy.Andy from B"ham, AlMy mom and also dad are divorced too. And currently my mommy is married to another man! I highly doubt that my dad would ever look for anyone else to relocation my mom, though. My mother wasn"t reasoning the right method at all once she walked out. The day STILL hasn"t come for me to understand her. But I"m over it at leastern. After all, it"s not my problem. I"m a male now anymeans.Jachild from State Of Fitz, NjI can"t listen to this song, it renders me think to a lot of my relationship via my fatherMark from Twin Cities Metro Area, MnI"ve been there too. Looking earlier it"s still painful. Zorro from Santa Barbara, Caexceptionally fitting for the veterans on this veterans day 2007.semper fiElaine from Spokane, WaI think this song definately captures the feeling that a little child feels as soon as his/her parental fees divorce. When John sings the line, "And I still see him standing, trying to be a male," it gets me eextremely time. I love this song.John from Kalamazoo, Kysooner or later have the right to come, or it can"t. This Song is still awesomeJoe from Columbus, OhWhen my father passed away four years ago, I supplied the lyrics to the song as component of his memorial. It will constantly have a unique place in my heart, bereason I might recognize with the lyrics.Clarke from Pittsburgh, PaOne of those rare moments where you have the right to even more or less hear the group (CCR) finishing in between the grooves of the document, metaphorically speaking.Clapton from San Fran , CaThis is a truly systematic song, if you listen to lyrics you will find yourself shed in john"s pain.see even more comments
Hey MamaDavid Guetta

The bedrock of David Guetta"s Nicki Minaj-featuring single "Hey Mama" is a sample of "Rosie," a 1940s prikid recording from people archivist Alan Lomax that songwriter Esther Dean first verified the French DJ on YouTube.

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Twilight ZoneGolden Earring

"Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring was motivated by the Robert Ludlum novel The Bourne Identity, not by the TV show.

Gangnam StylePsy

YouTube were forced right into an upgrade after PSY"s "Gangnam Style" broke the video-sharing website"s hit respond to. Once the tune got to 2,147,483,647 views, the maximum positive worth for a 32-bit signed binary integer in computing, the view-respond to can no longer job-related.

Nobody Does It BetterCarly Simon

"Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon was offered in the film The Spy Who Loved Me. It was the first James Bond song not named after the movie.

Auld Lang SyneClassic

The New Year"s Eve favorite "Auld Lang Syne" is a Scottish song that approximately converts to "Days Of Long Ago."

Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice

The first rapper through a #1 hit was Vanilla Ice through "Ice Ice Baby" in 1990.

Kevin GodleySongwriter Interviews

Kevin Godley talks about directing timeless videos for The Police, U2 and also Duran Duran, and also discusses song and videos he made with 10cc and also Godley & Creme.

Shaun Morgan of SeetherSongwriter Interviews

Shaun breaks down the Seether songs, consisting of the one around his brother, the one around Ozzy, and the one that might or may not be around his ex-girlfriend Amy Lee.

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat WorldSongwriter Interviews

Jim talks about the affect of "The Middle" and offers a tree metaphor to describe his songcomposing ideology.

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Scott StappSongwriter Interviews

The Creed lead singer reveals the "ego and also self-fulfillment" he currently sees in among the band"s greatest hits.

Dave Pirner of Soul AsylumSongwriter Interviews

Dave explains just how the video appropriated the meaning of "Runameans Train," and also what he believed of gaining paropassed away by Weird Al.

Elton JohnFact or Fiction

Does he have beef via Gaga? Is he Sean Lennon"s godfather? See if you deserve to tell fact from fiction in the Elton John edition.