The famed New York City street crossing was caught soon after Morris Frank and Buddy reverted from training in Switzerland.

In 1927, a young male named Morris Frank (1908-1980) read an articlearound dogs being trained as guides for blinded veterans of World War I. Frustrated by his own lack of mobility as a blind person, he was influenced to create its author for aid. Dorothy Harrikid Eustis (1886-1946) was an Amerideserve to training German shepherd police dogs in Switzerland, and once she received Morris Frank"s letter, she agreed to help him. He promised he would certainly go back to the United States and spreview the word about these wonderful dogs.

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On June 11, 1928, having actually completed instruction in Switzerland also, he arrived in New York City, proving the ability of his dog, Buddy, by navigating a dangerous street crossing prior to throngs of news reporters. His one-word telegram to Mrs. Eustis told the entire story: "Success." The Seeing Eye was born through the dream of making the whole civilization accessible to world who are blind.


Morris Frank and Dorothy Harrichild Eustis shown along with Buddy, are the co-founders of The Seeing Eye. Eustis served as the initially president and Frank was the first regulating director.

Dates and Locations

The Seeing Eye was incorporated in Nashville, Tenn., on Jan. 29, 1929. In 1931, the organization resituated to Whippany kind of, N.J., because the climate in the northeastern was more suitable for training dogs.


In February, 1929, the first class graduated from The Seeing Eye. Shown left to ideal are chief instructor Jack Humphrey; graduate Dr. Raymond Harris through Tartar; instructor Adelaide Clifford; graduate Dr. Howard Buchanan through Gala; and instructor Willi Ebeling.

On June 5, 1965, the cornerrock was lhelp for the present headquarters in Morris Township, N.J. Renovations to the Washington Valley headquarters were completed in 2013. The 60-acre campus is house to the bureaucratic workplaces, student residence, veterinary clinic and also kennels. In 2001, a reproduction terminal was built on 330 acres in Chester, N.J., which residences the adult breeding dogs and also puppies until they are 8-weeks-old. An added training center is located in downtown Morristown.

Pioneers from Past to Present


Jack Humphrey functioned for Dorothy prior to the founding of The Seeing Eye. He became The Seeing Eye’s first geneticist and served as chief instructor.

The Seeing Eye is the earliest existing guide dog college in the world and proceeds its duty as a pioneer in the guide dog activity. The Seeing Eye has played an integral component in shaping public policy guaranteeing accessibility and accommodation to human being that use service pets.


Willi Ebeling was a dog breeder from Dover, N.J. that provided many type of of the Gerguy shepherds for training. He was The Seeing Eye’s initially executive vice president.

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From emerging a computer system information device that calculates the suitcapability of eextremely dog in the colony to end up being a breeder, to funding cutting edge research study in DNA sequencing and identifying genetic markers for degenerative eye illness, The Seeing Eye is a research study leader in canine genetics, reproduction, disease control and also actions. The company is a founding member of the Council of U.S. Guide dog Schools and also a fully accredited member of the International Guide Dog Federation.