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I am utilizing Firefox and also Thunderbird on a Microsoft Surchallenge Book - a brand-new Windows 10 lapheight with detachable tablet. When utilizing it in tablet mode (through or without out a mouse present), via the new Edge internet browser (and also, I think, other Microsoft software), when the cursor is focused on a message input box, the Windows 10 virtual key-board instantly pops up so that text might be typed through a finger or pen on the touchscreen.In both Firefox and Thunderbird, it seems to not be possible to have the virtual key-board pop up so it is not possible to enter text without going with many hoops. It calls for reducing the Firefox home window to much less than maximized, making certain the tablet is NOT in tablet mode, finding the hand-operated digital key-board icon and also opening it, then refocusing back on the text box in question.Are Firefox and Thunderbird not optimized for keyboard usage on tablets? Are tright here any workarounds?Edit: Sorry, I intended to ask, are Firefox and Thunderbird not optimized for virtual keyboard usage on tablets?

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Virtual key-board (Both TBird and also FFox) pops up as you"d intend as soon as in message enattempt fields on my Acer tablet and my Verizon Samsung S3 phone, both running Android. Sounds like a trouble via your Surchallenge and/or Victory 10.
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