Firefox taskbar icon missing

I have the Mozilla Firefox pinned to taskbar in Windows 10. Right-clicking the taskbar icon must lug some choices like:

Open new tabOpen new windowNew personal window

Suddenly, at some point, I noticed these alternatives were gone:


What might have brought about this, and how to resolve it?

I tried reinstalling Firefox, refreshing it, and also deleting the profile folder altogether from %appdata%, to no avail.

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What can have actually led to this?

Just another random bug, it appears. It could have actually been caused by rebeginning Windows while it was downloading and install updays, which is a lame excusage indeed yet it’s the only thing I can think of.

How to fix it?

I uncovered that this works:

Access about:config from the resolve bar.Look for a setting referred to as internet browser.taskbar.lists.enabled.Double-click it to collection its value to falseDouble-click it aobtain to (re)collection its value to true, which is the default.

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And currently it’s fixed.



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