Firefox shockwave flash crashes

Speaking of Firefox, we all recognize that it is just one of the a lot of favorite browsers in the human being. Nonetheless, Firefox might cause Shockwave Flash crash at times. This should be a frustrating endure for you. To solve the error, follow the troubleshooting steps below. We provide 5 means to Fix Shockwave Flash Crash in Firefox Windows 10.

Way 1: Sheight crashing from updating Firefox and also Shockwave Flash Plugin

When Firefox pop-up a "Warning: Unresponsive plugin" notice, that implies the Flash doesn"t occupational as you supposed. The first action you should troubleshoot the trouble is updating your Firefox and also Shockwave Flash Plugin.

Way 2: Disable hardware acceleration to repair Firefox crashing error

Enable hardware acceleration does not occupational extremely well at Shockwave Flash. Hence, it is vital for us to disable it manually. Follow the straightforward measures to solve Firefox crashing error.

Step 1: Open Firefox, in the video playing page, right-click where the video is reflecting and also pick Settings.

Tip 2: Uninspect package is saying "hardware flash acceleration", click Close to end up.


Way 3: Fix Firefox crash by forbidding the flash plugin anti-crash feature

Tip 1: Input "about:config" command in the Firefox attend to box and hit Enter. Here will certainly pop-ups window to display you "This could void your warranty!" and also you need to tap on the "I accept the risk!" switch.

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Step 2: Type "dom.ipc.plugins.flash.subprocess.crashreporter.enabled" in the Search box and also push Enter. You have the right to view the alternative as the picture below. You have the right to right-click the choice and pick "Toggle" or double click on the option to instantly to change the worth to "false". Therefore you can forbid Firefox Shockwave Flash from crashing.


Way 4: Change the configuration to remove Firefox Flash crashing

Tip 1: Input "Notepad" in the Windows search box in the taskbar, right-click the choice and also pick Run as administrator.


Step 2: Once the Notepad is opened up, click Data at the top-left and also choose Open.

Tip 3: In this step, pick the magazine below to open up the folder according to the variation of your system.

Windows system of 32-bit: C:WindowsSystem32MacromedFlash Windows device of 64-bit: C:WindowsSystem64MacromedFlash

In the Flash folder, you can click "mms.cfg" file to open.

Note: If tbelow does not appear the "mms.cfg" file, you deserve to create one called as "mms.cfg".

Tip 4: Add "ProtectedMode=0" to the finish and Save. Open Firefox, play your video and also test whether it still keeps crashing.


Way 5: Turn off Shockwave Flash While Firefox keeps crashing

Step 1: Click on three horizontal lines at the top-right corner and also select Add-ons.


Step 2: Tap on Plugins on the right panel. Click on Options behind Shockwave Flash and also unexamine the checkbox of Block dangerous and also intrusive Flash content.