Firefox lost bookmarks

Firefox instantly creates backups of your bookmarks and also saves the last 15 backups for safemaintaining. This article explains exactly how to regain your bookmarks from the automatic backups that Firefox creates, exactly how to conserve and regain your own booknote backup records, and just how to relocate your bookmarks to an additional computer.

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Back-up and also restore

Manual backup

Click the Library switch on your toolbar. (If you don"t view it tbelow, click the menu switch then click Library.) Click Bookmarks and then click the Sexactly how All BookmarksManage Bookmarks bar at the bottom. In the Library window, click the Import and also Backup button and then pick Backup…. In the Bookmarks backup filename home window that opens up, select a place to conserve the file, which is named bookmarks-"date".jchild by default. The desktop is typically an excellent spot, but any type of place that is simple to remember will certainly occupational. Save the bookmarks json file. The Bookmarks backup filename window will close and also then you deserve to cshed the Library window.

Restoring from backups

Caution: Restoring bookmarks from a backup will overcompose your present set of bookmarks through the ones in the backup file.
Click the Library button on your toolbar. (If you don"t check out it tright here, click the food selection button then click Library.) Click Bookmarks and also then click the Sjust how All BookmarksManage Bookmarks bar at the bottom. In the Library window, click the Import and Backup switch and then pick Restore. Select the backup from which you want to restore: The dated entries are automatic bookmark backups. Choose File… allows you reclaim from a hand-operated backup (watch above). After choosing a backup and confirming your option, your bookmarks from that backup will be brought back. Cshed the Library window.Moving bookmarks to an additional computer

Using Firefox Sync

You can usage Firefox Sync to move your bookmarks from one computer system to an additional.

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Important: Firefox Sync consistently updays itself as you adjust bookmarks, so it does not administer a true backup service, nor is it intfinished to be provided as one.

Firefox Sync is the best method to store your bookmarks (and various other profile data) synchronized in between every one of the computer systems you use. See How do I erected Sync on my computer? for more indevelopment and instructions on establishing it up.

Using a booknote backup file

You have the right to also use a booknote backup file from one computer system and also regain it on an additional computer. This is useful if you can"t synchronize the two computers" bookmarks utilizing Sync, for some factor.

The booknote backup file deserve to either be a hands-on backup (see above) or one of the automatic dated backups situated inside the Firefox profile folder named bookmarkbackups folder. Place the booknote backup file on your carry media (for instance a Flash drive) and copy it to the desktop computer (or any location) of the other computer. You can then restore the backup from the Firefox Library home window, utilizing the Choose File… option, as defined in the Restoring from backups area over.

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Restoring bookmarks after upgrading or downgrading Windows 10

After upgrading or downgrading your Windows 10 operating device, a magazine named Windows.old is developed, and also a lot of of the information erased from the upgrade or downgrade is stored tright here. One especially useful item is the Bookmarks from Firefox. Follow the instructions in Restoring from backups over, and as soon as you pick Choose File…, follow the path C:Windows.oldUsers\AppDataRoamingjiyuushikan.orgFirefoxProfiles\bookmarkbackups to your previous bookmarks. Check the file day for information as soon as the backup was created. Be mindful using a backup bookmark folder will rearea all the bookmarks in Firefox with the bookmarks in the backup file.

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