Firefox keeps asking for master password

Sometimes once I"m not even using Firefox but it"s sitting in the background, Firefox will certainly ask for my Master Password (through the "Please enter the grasp password for the Software Security Device" dialog). This brings Firefox to the foreground and takes focus amethod from whatever else I was working on. Why does this appear, randomly? Is it bereason I"ve gained a tab open up that keeps asking for a password or something? I assumed that my Master Password only needed to be gone into as soon as per session?

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Posted May 2first, 2012, 1:00 pm

Yeah, periodically I obtain several of these "grasp password" boxes piled up. This is a pain in the 455. I just moved to Success 7 a few weeks back. I think this password point began a few months earlier on the Vistan equipment. That"s around when I set up Sync. .... Is it bereason we are making use of Sync? ... or is this some bug? ... I doubt it"s malware, it started doing it on a brand also brand-new develop, so it should be a FF bug or setting. Help!
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Well, for one point, you never before understand if you are installing spyware/malware or not, second, it might end up being incompatible after the following major FF upgrade/update, (has actually the FF upgrade mayhem ended? ... it seems choose I"ve been on 12 for a while now... anymethod...)additionally, the add-on might not even resolve the difficulty, and ultimately, when sustaining various other people"s computers, all that counts double. On top of all that, installing somepoint else to deal with an insect in FF just appears prefer a bad principle anymethod. What if FF fixes the bug, will the habits go back through the add-on installed? Also, the add-on states "By default, 300 secs (5 min) of inactivity will certainly lock the understand security device,". That"s not how my FF operated up till a month ago. It offered to be quiet till I checked out a site with a saved login. Then it would certainly pop up and ask for the grasp password. That made the majority of sense. Then about a month or 2 earlier, it began popping up at random times. Generally there are a number of pop-up boxes piled up. I don"t also have to be utilizing Firefox at the time, simply having FF open causes the pop-ups. My finest guess is it has something to perform with Sync. Or perhaps it"s part of the last FF update.....??? I don"t really desire to spfinish 4 hours experimenting though. Possibly tright here are some settings that say: "wait until a page via a conserved password is accessed to ask for grasp password -- true""after unlocking, save password list open up to finish of session -- true" That"s how it used to be. Now it appears to be:"ask for grasp password after opening FF -- true" "lock password list after time (minutes) -- 10" Actually, I kind of like the timeout thing. It appears favor much better security to timeout after possibly an hour. But for the unlocking, I want it back to the means it was -- quiet till I access a conserved login page. If I open FF and go to a meeting, I come back to 5 or 10 password boxes. The about:config settings ... are they stored in a file? How have the right to I dump that to a message file?